GN launches new technology platform to address the number one challenge in hearing aids: hearing speech in noise

GN launches new technology platform to address the number one challenge in hearing aids: hearing speech in noise

  • By providing users with an enhanced perception of their “own voice”, ReSound OMNIA hearing aids sound natural, have a natural character and connect people to the world, naturally.

BALLERUP, Denmark, August 16, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–GN Hearing, the global leader in hearing aid innovation, today announces the launch of ReSound OMNIA – a new platform dedicated to hearing aids that aims to set a new standard in hearing technology and improve the way people interact with the world around them. ReSound OMNIA provides significantly better hearing in noisy environments than any previous ReSound hearing aid. Combined with optimal comfort and an uninterrupted connection to devices, these advancements offer people living with hearing loss a solution that will help them hear even the finest sound details more easily.

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GN launches new technology platform to address the No.1 hearing aid challenge: hearing speech in noise (Photo: Business Wire)

Despite advances in hearing technology over the past decade, hearing speech in noisy environments is still a challenge for people with hearing loss. In fact, 80% of people who wear hearing aids rate this as a major challenge.1 To address this, ReSound OMNIA has been designed to deliver natural sound, while still providing a 150% improvement in speech intelligibility, compared to current hearing aids.2* In a clinical study, 20% of people questioned had difficulty understanding the sound of their own voice with their hearing aid.3 ReSound OMNIA also addresses this challenge by improving the user’s perception of their “own voice”: thus, it has a natural sound, which contributes to greater user satisfaction, and leads to a reinforcement wearing hearing aids.

For better sound performance and optimal comfort, ReSound presents Check My Fit, a new feature of the unique ReSound Smart3D app. It provides users with guidance on the correct wearing of their hearing aids through a quick ear selfie. Incorrect wearing of hearing aids can lead to a loss of up to 11dB, thus significantly reducing hearing ability.4 Check My Fit also works with other ReSound hearing aids, helping to help people get the most out of sound without necessarily having to visit an audiologist frequently.

“At GN Hearing, we know that hearing speech in noise and enjoying the comfort of hearing aids are two crucial elements for their users”, says Gitte Aabo, CEO of GN Hearing. “The new ReSound OMNIA hearing aids show what is possible if we put the needs of each user at the heart of the design process. We solve complex challenges such as understanding speech in noisy environments so that users can take full advantage of every nuance in conversations.”

Whether the user chooses to stream phone calls or music to the devices, they can naturally connect to hear that content in the best possible way, thanks to ReSound OMNIA’s enhanced connectivity. Users can enjoy hands-free, crystal-clear phone calls at the touch of a button on their iPhone or iPad**and direct streaming from an Android smartphone.

The new ReSound OMNIA hearing aids will be rolling out on August 25, 2022 worldwide, starting in the US and Canada, along with the equivalent Beltone Achieve series, Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) style. ReSound OMNIA hearing aids are available in eight colors, in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. The recently launched hearing aids from GN Hearing, Custom made by ReSound, will also be available from the same date, in a Completely-in-Canal (CIC) styleto meet more needs with a truly smaller model – for greater ease of use and everyday comfort.


On August 16, 2022, GN will host a conference call at 3:30 p.m. CEST. Please visit the site to join the conference call. Presentation materials will be available on the website approximately one hour before the start of the call.

For more information, please see the ReSound website.

* This 150% increase represents an increase of 4.36db compared to previous ReSound hearing aids.

** Hands-free calling via ReSound OMNIA is compatible with iPhone 11 and later, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th Gen), 11-inch iPad Pro (3rd Gen), iPad Air ( 4th generation) and iPad mini (6th generation) or later, with software updates to iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 or later.

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GN launches new technology platform to address the number one challenge in hearing aids: hearing speech in noise