Guinea: day marked by a ceremony but also anger, one year after the coup

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A year after the coup that overthrew Alpha Condé, the military in power, led by Mamadi Doumbouya, wanted to give, on this day of September 5, ” a special box “, despite a mixed record. The country is going through an economic crisis with a sharp rise in prices and political tensions are high. Throughout the day, demonstrations at the call of the FNDC have also turned into a confrontation between activists and the security forces.

Despite the difficulties, the CNRD organized a ceremony, with concerts and speeches, at the People’s Palace, reports our special correspondent in Conakry, Guillaume Thibault. The young crowd set the mood for the day. Despite the means to mobilize – t-shirts, caps bearing the image of Mamadi Doumbouya – the immense esplanade of the People’s Palace was far from being full.

Alcény, singer in the making, did not want to miss the event for anything in the world: ” Mamadi Doumbouya is like us. We are together. We took our destiny into our own hands. »

Despite his difficulties in walking, leaning on his cane, Ibrahima Diallo greets the ” warriors who took power a year ago: They are young people, determined to help this country. »

Present alongside the Prime Minister, the President of the National Transitional Council, Dansa Kourouma, came to recall the role of the institutions: “ Beyond this festive character which is spontaneous, we, as actors of this transition, are aware that we must leave traces. This is the fundamental mission that the President of the Republic has assigned to all the actors of the transition and we have taken an oath to do so.. »

Bakary, political activist, 100% supports Mamadi Doumbouya and calls to stand up for Guinea: “ I will tell everyone to rise as one man. Guinea will be made by the Guineans. This is why we fight every day. »

The authorities also celebrated this anniversary date with a parade and a parade in the Alpha Yaya Diallo military camp, one of the largest barracks in the country in the suburbs of Conakry. No public appearance by CNRD President Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, but Prime Minister Bernard Goumou, who presided over the festivities, paid tribute to the military.

A year later, the Guinea of ​​injustice gives way to the Guinea of ​​equality. The Guinea of ​​mismanagement and corruption is changing into a virtuous Guinea that respects public affairs. The Guinea of ​​social division and the most obscene political manipulations is rebuilding its cohesion around dialogue and truth.

Guinean Prime Minister Bernard Goumou

Demonstrations suppressed

But if the atmosphere remained festive and peaceful all day in front of the People’s Palace, this was not the case everywhere in the capital. On this symbolic day, the FNDC, the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution, called on its activists to take to the streets to denounce what it considers to be a ” unilateral management of the transition by the CNRD and the refusal to open an inclusive dialogue for a rapid return to constitutional order “.

On the Axis, the expressway that crosses the Guinean capital, the traditional centers of protest followed the death of order on Monday. Shortly after 9 a.m. this morning, the first clashes broke out at Bambeto store, says our correspondent in Conakry, Matthias Raynal. Groups of young people faced the police, scattering as soon as an officer fired a tear gas canister at them.

A resident of Koloma testifies. At the end of the afternoon, he was cloistered at home: In the neighborhood here, the soldiers are there, with guns. They shoot live ammunition. »

A father from a neighboring neighborhood managed to leave his home in the afternoon to buy food. Despite everything, he sides with the protesters: “ The demonstrations, I support them. I am 100% for. Only, where I do not agree, it is the way in which the State represses. Demonstrations are legal. It is authorized by the Constitution, and why not frame them? »

The neighborhoods of Sonfonia, or even Cosa, were also affected by the protest movement. At least one policeman was injured, several young people were arrested. The situation remained under control on Monday, assures the spokesperson for the Ministry of Security.

Report in Conakry during a demonstration at the call of the FNDC

Guinea: day marked by a ceremony but also anger, one year after the coup