Hallucinate with the cover of Spider

Being a parody of another Spider-Man cover, we want to remember an alternative that the Marvel editorial raised for the regular series

Every book usually make a first impression through your coverIt doesn’t matter what content is inside. Many readers are carried away by these criteria to be able to start with a comic book character or to start in a specific series, since It is the main letter of introduction. Whether we like it more or less, almost all of us who read comics have been carried away by this, which is why publishers try to take care of it as much as possible, no matter what’s inside.

For the case of superhero editorial charactersGenerally, they usually show key elements of them or action scenes where we will be able to see them inside, so that we want to read what is there. It is customary that if there is any event or a hint of an event for that character is shown slightly, although later it is not executed in the same way inside it. Both Marvel and DC Comics know a lot about this and almost always make more than one cover of each issue.

Here arise the so-called variant covers, which can be treated as a joke or parody of the event in question that occurs. Today we are going to talk about a variant cover of a Spider-Man comic that did not come to light, mainly due to the possible consequences or reprisals that could have for what it showed. Without going any further, we are going to deal with this cover that had to do with a wedding.

Peter Parker’s wedding? Yes, but not with who you expected

We have already seen before how Marvel itself has had to back down depending on the type of content it displayed on its front pages. Not long ago we talked about a cover of Black Panther that had to be modified from what they thought about the political message it was going to have, but it seems that the cover of Spider-Man, which was a parody of a classic coverIt did not even arrive as a variant.

The first thing we have to do is think a little on the cover to which it refers, but not in its entirety. This is number 131 of the first volume of The Amazing Spider-Man, an image that refers to a supposed wedding that he could take place between Aunt May and Doctor Octopus. For the cover in the form of a parody, it seems that the roles are changed and the same people are not getting married.

All this has been discussed by Tom Breevort himselfexecutive editor of Marvel, via its own substack space. Here Breevort has tried to tell some key elements and how this possible cover would have annoyed the publication of the wall-crawling comics by the problems always of non-inclusion or possible misinterpretations. With everything and with that, now we can enjoy it and the truth is that it is very funny.

Would censorship in comics have affected this Marvel cover?

Along with all this, the publisher’s own executive editor commented that those who appear behind the lovers are none other than some of the editorial workers at that time. In this way, the humorous tone that this cover had was observed a bit, but It is possible that by the time they wanted to honor herit could have upset some and that could hurt sales of the Spider-Man comic.

We like it more or we like it less, always everything will give a lot to talk about and the comics with their decision-making with the characters and images to be shown can be a subject of controversy. You have to think that not long ago it got messed up in a huge way when Tom Taylor’s Superman announced his sexual orientation, something that for many was unfeasible. Should be put aside all those prejudices and enjoy the humor and freedom of expression, which is what it is for and not throw yourself away all day angry.


Hallucinate with the cover of Spider-Man where he married Octopus and Marvel did not use