ESBF – Saint-Amand-les-Eaux

Wednesday (8 p.m.)

Romane Frécon-Demouge, how do you explain that your only victory this season was won against one of the two big players in the championship, Brest (24-23)?

We had won against Bourg-de-Péage, but the victory is no longer taken into account with the disappearance of the championship team. Anyway, we had won this match but we hadn’t played badly. Our success against Brest is linked to our change of game after the international break.

What did you actually change?

Before the break, we had only played 6 matches. We needed to create something. The two players who were selected knew the club and D1 well, but the others needed to discover or rediscover it. Several players had never evolved at this level and even less as number 1 on their position. This is the case of our center half who comes from N1. We did a lot of physical preparation. We were even a little scared because we focused more on the physical than handball, but it worked.

What is the strength of this new team from Saint-Amand-les-Eaux?

It’s the collective! We don’t have a player who stands out, nor any great ones. We run a lot and we play in the spaces.

In an interview, you explain that you don’t have the qualities of a winger. Yet it is your job… How do you do it?

I am atypical. I don’t jump high or run fast. I play with the head and the heart.

Speaking of heart, how did you feel when your former club Bourg-de-Péage filed for bankruptcy or when Mérignac was penalized by 9 points?

It’s hard. I think of the players who made a lot of sacrifices, who were still moving just before being deprived of playing. I find it unfortunate for players who manage to save their skin sportingly to be penalized by the administration. I do not know the specific case of Mérignac but I wonder, in general, how clubs can recruit when their finances do not allow it. This clearly poses a problem of sporting fairness.

What is the objective of Saint-Amand, with this championship which has lost a competitor for maintenance?

Basically, we wanted to finish in the 12. The idea was to leave Bourg-de-Péage behind us and another team. The idea is to do a little better than to maintain. So far, each time Saint-Amand has gone up to D1, the team has gone up in stride.

On Wednesday, you will once again face your sister Alizée. How are things looking?

It’s always a pleasure to come back to play in Besançon. I adore. I had a heartache for Alizée when she had to stop playing last year. It’s complicated to be injured without really knowing what’s going on and the time it will take to recover. As much when you have a big injury, you know roughly how many months you will have to wait, as much there, she didn’t know anything. I tried to be there for her. I saw her will and her strength of character… I am very proud of her. Alizée is coming back very well even if as a good perfectionist, she says that she is not yet 100%. If she was in the 7 major of the 10e daytime , It is not a coincidence. She still delights as much. I already told him to calm down for Wednesday (laughs). The ideal would be for it to be a hit and for Saint-Amand to win, but that seems complicated to me. When it plays well, the ESBF wins.

During the 10e day, in the absence of Pauline Robert, she wore the captain’s armband, like you. Two opposing sisters on the field, each captain, that would be a nice image, wouldn’t it?

Oh yes ! But Paulina is back and I’m happy for her. I ended up with the armband during last season, following the injury of our captain. Even without that, I talk a lot in the locker room in general. It’s quite natural and I evolve in a team where everyone has their right to speak.

Your sister doesn’t really have the same character…

She takes after our father (Laurent Frécon) and I from our mother (Joëlle Demouge). But Alizee speak more. She made progress on this point. She has all the legitimacy to do so.

Handball – Butagaz Energy League. Romane Frécon-Demouge: “I don’t jump high and I don’t run fast, I play with my heart and my head”