Happy Saturdays invites you to celebrate its 50th anniversary

What will you do this August 27 at 8:00 pm? Happy Saturdays invites you to the party that will make history in Colombia!

The favorite comedy program for Colombians celebrates its first 50 years and what better way to celebrate than with viewers, its best guests who year after year, generation after generation, have kept the appointment every Saturday night.

This great party of the year will bring together great celebrities such as presenters, athletes, actors and actresses, singers, and of course, the comedians who are part of the program and those who have passed through there and have left an indelible mark.

It will be a gala in which the cast will be honored, it will be, on this occasion, the public that will receive the surprises that Caracol Television has prepared for them.

“In the program that you are going to see this Saturday we achieved a mixture of many sensations. Of course, humor will not be lacking, but there will also be nostalgia to remember those who are no longer here, but in a beautiful way, and a great tribute to those who are with us now. In addition, it is a way of reminding viewers that it is a program that has been through thick and thin. Happy Saturdays is part of the idiosyncrasy of many generations!” said Juan Esteban Sampedro, Vice President of Entertainment for Caracol Television.

For his part, Heriberto Sandoval, humorist of the program, affirmed that: “There is a fundamental element that has inspired this program and it is happiness. Among other things, the great success of Happy Saturdays is also because new talents have entered and have been part of this new and wonderful process within what we have called the ‘University of Humor’. That is why they say that a comedian who has not been through the program does not obtain the same position as those who have.

In 50 years, 2,600 programs have been made that are equivalent to 4,728 hours broadcast, 12,740 contestants have appeared who have counted 101,920 routines, which is equivalent to 1,223,040 jokes.

Today Happy Saturdays has more than 30 comedians in the cast, including the longest-serving comedian in the world, who is Mr. Hugo Patiño, at 92 years old. In addition, it has awarded prizes of approximately 27,000 million pesos, and has two Guinness World Records as The comedy program with the longest history on world television and The fastest joke teller in the world.

Connect with the dazzling red carpet of this historic event from 3:00 in the afternoon with the entire team of La Red. The comedy program with the most hours on air around the world awaits you to celebrate its first 50 years!


It was on February 5, 1972, when Colombians witnessed the first broadcast of the most popular and long-lasting comedy show in the history of national television: ‘Champions of Laughter’, which a year later was renamed ‘Happy Saturdays’. ‘, as it is known today.

Under the initial direction of Alfonso Lizarazo and over the years, this show managed to become a school that trained great script writers and gave recognition to comedians such as Fabiola Posada, ‘Mandíbula’, ‘Jeringa’ and Nelson Polanía, among many others. .

Since that first broadcast, 50 years have passed and still, every Saturday night, thousands of families gather in front of their television screens to enjoy the jokes and witticisms of the comedians who are now part of the cast.

And although Alfonso Lizarazo left the ‘small screen’ aside in 1998, after spending 26 years leading ‘Happy Saturdays’, the name of Lizarazo is considered of great importance in the history of the show.

Despite the fact that Bucaramanga was the city that saw him born on December 26 and Bogotá the one that received him at 18 years of age, now Alfonso Lizarazo lives in Barranquilla, where he has been rigged by the warm weather and the love they show him. the people of this earth.


Staying on the air for 50 years in the taste of the country’s viewers is not a joke, and among the keys of Happy Saturdays to achieve it is the constant visual renewal, in its setting and music.

Also that mix between classic segments such as parodies and The Joke Tellers, with segments that last a few seasons. Many of these segments periodically return to the show.

The parodies have been the great strength of the program. They were made from the time Alfonso Lizarazo was in front of the program. Among the most remembered is the parody of the telenovela ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, as well as reality shows called ‘A yo me llama’ and ‘El nonsense’.

We must not forget the origin of the program, ‘Los Cuentachistes’, with amateur comedians from all over the country who are looking for an opportunity and why not, as happened to many others, end up being part of the cast of the program.

Many remember the different times when the cast of Happy Saturdays went on tour in different parts of the country. Since the beginning of the program, it has been carried out, as an idea of ​​​​Alfonso Lizarazo with ‘Carry a little school in your heart’ that lasted more than ten years, when the cast played a soccer game, a presentation was made and money was collected for a little school in a very remote town.

Then ‘A smile for peace’ was created, but it coincided with one of the most difficult times for public order in the country.

Ali Humar, who was its director until 2019, and who passed away last year, recalled at the time how his arrival at a team formed for many years was.

“It was not easy, because it is a very crazy cast. It was difficult to make them understand that this was teamwork and not individual brilliance. I was very demanding and severe and this group is not the flower of the discipline, so there were many clashes, but we managed to get around them”, Ali Triana commented at the time.

A moment to remember the recently deceased such as Jorge ‘Topolino’ Zuluaga, Marcelino Rodríguez, better known as ‘Mandíbula’; and Ali Humar himself.


Happy Saturdays invites you to celebrate its 50th anniversary