Hello 2021 Russia is back, how to stream the New Year’s show

After Ciao 2020! comes Ciao 2021!, the Russian New Year’s show that celebrates Italian music and culture in an ironic and parodic key. Last year it was incredibly successful.

Last year Hello 2020!the Russian parody of an Italian music programme, was a resounding success. Broadcast on December 30 by the first channel of public television, The New Year’s Music Festival russian ofUrgent Show it went viral on Youtube, conquering millions of Italians. It celebrates Italian music and culture in an ironic and parodic key, it fits perfectly into the atmosphere 80s in management and in aesthetics. In 50 minutes, the musical show gave music and laughter to the audience that wants to have fun once again. With a tweet, the official page of the program announced the return of the satirical late show, Hello 2021!

Hello 2021, the Italian New Year is back in a Russian key

The Russian satirical show recorded entirely in Italian is back on air for the second year in a row. The New Year’s Music Festival of the Urgant Show with a tweet announced that this year’s episode has already been recorded from 4 to 9 December and should be broadcast in the second evening of December 31st. Given the image chosen to reveal the renewal of the program, it is reasonable to expect again songs, choreographies and glossy advertising with a parodic and bizarre character.

The conductor Ivan Urgant last year, given the enormous success of the debut, he explained in detail the meaning of the format, explaining that it is a tribute to Italy.

The show is a pure tribute to the Italy of those years, the idea is simple: due to the pandemic it was a tough year for the whole planet and we asked ourselves how we could arouse positive emotions in the audience. And what could be more positive than the Italian TV of the seventies and eighties, the variety show, the Sanremo Festival that the entire USSR loved deeply? The very sound of your tongue sounds joyful. It was a crazy idea, but one that amused us a lot. I said to myself: ‘If for 50 minutes on the first channel of our country I speak only in Italian, without even a word of Russian, I will have something to tell my grandchildren.

How to see Hello 2021 in streaming and on Youtube

Like last year, it will be possible to attend Hello 2021! streaming on Youtube channel of the late show, Evening Urgant, and on the site of First Russian Channel.

The cast of Hello 2021 Russia

The satirical show hosted by Ivan Urgant features famous Russian television and music personalities in the role of Italian artists. For example last year the soubrette Olga Buzova became Ornella Buzzi, the rapper Egor Kredd became Giorgio Criddi, the singer Zivert disguised themselves as Giulia Ziverti, the duo Niletto and Klava Koka in Niletto Niletti and Claudia Cocca. And still in the cast was the pop star Monetochka and her producer husband Viktor Isayev they appeared with the curious name of La moneynetta and Vittorio Isaia.

Hello 2021 Russia is back, how to stream the New Year’s show