Hiram Peón: The meeting of the three friends

The trilateral meeting of the three presidents united by the free trade agreement, Canada, the United States and Mexico, have captured the front pages of all the important newspapers in our country.

The meeting has been called the Three Amigos, in clear reference to the American western Three Amigos (1986) that bears the same name.

The last three days we have seen maroma circus and theater. President López Obrador brought water to his mill, almost forcing President Biden to land his presidential plane at the Felipe Ángeles airport.

Many readers wondered in exchange for what. The answer was obvious, López Obrador, in turn, was forced to allow the arrest of the alleged drug trafficker Ovidio Guzmán, protagonist of the ignominious story of the “Culiacanazo” and son of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known by his nickname “El Chapo” , Mexican drug trafficker who served as leader of the Sinaloa Cartel until his extradition to the United States.

Then the arrest of the young Ovidio is authorized and in exchange the presidential plane of the United States and the one of Canada land, at different times, at the Felipe Ángeles airport.

Then comes all the protocol paraphernalia, of which nothing is known. Until now, it is not known what Biden and López talked about during the one-hour journey that it took them to get from Felipe Ángeles to the national palace in the center of Mexico City.

The few photographs that circulate show scenes with chandeliers on the tables and the three presidents with their respective wives at the formal dinner.

Fashion critics will take flight describing and comparing the outfits of the first ladies. I think that in that chapter we will not come out well, it is an unfounded conjecture.

There has already been a joint declaration in which nothing is said about the agreements or the commitments.

The joint declaration included the six thematic axes that were raised at the beginning.

Although they do not disclose any figures that serve as a reference, for example, in terms of the economic relationship of the three countries.

Nor do they show what programs will be carried out to face regional difficulties, those that force the massive migration of Central Americans to our northern border.

There is also no mention of López Obrador’s crazy plan to plant thousands of trees in Central America, charged to the US treasury.

The joint statement “Focuses on broadly shared diagnoses of diversity, equity and inclusion; climate change and environment; competitiveness; migration and development; Health and security.”

It is very similar to the needs of Nuevo León, Safety, Health, Inclusion and competitiveness. The three friends lacked the issue of mobility.

“The leaders are determined to strengthen the security, prosperity, sustainability and integration of our region,” they said in the statement.

The three showed a totally different speech. AMLO made a parody of his mornings and stole the microphone, he was the host and as the owner of the sound equipment he was worth it.

President Trudeau with statements highlighting his support for his neighbor and business ally.

And President Biden trying to capture the nonsense of López Obrador, clarifying the position of the United States and, in public, showing the smile and approval of the neighbor who knows he owns the club and the backpack of dollars.

Let’s hope one day to know that it was agreed in the dark to open the door to North American companies.

Let’s not lose hope, nor faith, until next time.

The author is an expert in corporate communication and crisis situations. He has an MBA from ITESM.

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Hiram Peón: The meeting of the three friends