How to present your marketing projects to your superiors?

Whatever the size of a company, marketing must be at the heart of its concerns. Indeed, this discipline is necessary to find new customers and retain them. For this, this strategy must be based on a concrete and detailed marketing project. How to present your marketing projects to your superiors?

Organize your marketing presentations on PowerPoint

Word processing documents are generally suitable for hosting a project, but they are not always presentable. PowerPoint, on the other hand, is an excellent tool for present your marketing project. In addition to having models and complete slides to present a marketing project, this tool has several functions. To successfully present your marketing project on PowerPoint, it is important to follow several steps.

Integrate animations to energize the presentation

PowerPoint animations are used to make a marketing project presentation more dynamic. They also make it easier to move from one slide to another and to highlight an image or a graphic file in relation to the rest of the content. To make it easier for you, a PowerPoint agency can help you create impactful visual presentations to better transmit your messages and convince your audience.

When the addition of animation is done well on PowerPoint, it helps to capture the audience’s attention. For a better use of the animations, it is necessary to take some precautions. The PowerPoint catalog is full of overly original effects that can disturb the reading of the slide and project an unprofessional image. It is therefore advisable to prefer basic animations in order to support your ideas.

Develop one idea per slide

It is often recommended to limit yourself to one idea per PowerPoint slide. Integrating too much information on the same page can indeed blur the understanding and thus harm your argument. By discovering a new argument on each slide, your audience will find it easier to memorize the data of your presentation. In order to have even more impact, you can adapt the graphic formatting to each slide. The purpose of this technique is to bring out the main idea on each page without overloading its content.

Define a graphic charter

This type of charter concerns all the elements that define the visual and graphic identity of a company or a brand. In general, it consists of typefaces, graphic style and colors that allow the company to be recognizable. For companies that already have an established graphic charter, designing a marketing presentation on PowerPoint is easier. Indeed, the fonts, color codes and spacing are already defined. All you have to do is integrate them during the presentation.

On the other hand, if no charter has been created, you must ensure the visual consistency of your presentation. To ensure good graphic harmony without special design skills, you have the option of using a PowerPoint template. This type of software offers both professional and free templates.

Illustrate figures and statistics with diagrams

Statistics and figures can help you support your argument when presenting your marketing projects. They are concise and easily searchable when presenting, provided you format them in a better way. The figures indeed gain in clarity when they are presented in the form of diagrams or graphs. With PowerPoint slides, you can create all types of diagrams. It is even possible to create them with a combination of graphic elements (lines, geometric shapes, etc.).

Tips for a successful marketing project

To succeed the presentation of your marketing project, you have to be sure of yourself and convince your superiors. In effect, develop interpersonal communication effective is the key to the success of the presentation of your projects. This involves communicating well with your superiors.

Lack of interpersonal communication skills can lead to frustration and low morale. To be successful in interpersonal communication, you need to pay attention, actively listen, and practice empathy. You must also provide precise and concise explanations of the various points to be addressed. By practicing these different skills, you will be able to improve your communication and, therefore, your marketing project.

Your oral expression, your posture and your ability to manage stress are the main elements to ensure that your message is well received. To prevent stress from disrupting your presentation, there are a few recommendations to follow. Before the presentation, you must make sure you have a perfect understanding of your subject, the messages as well as the keywords to convey. You can program yourself mentally by visualizing the progress of the presentation of the project step by step. During the presentation of your marketing project, take the time to breathe slowly. Do not lose sight of your objectives and keep in mind that you are there to convince.

To capture the attention of your audience, seek silence before you speak. During your presentation, be sure to adopt a good physical posture. Avoid leaning too far on the table or slouching back when seated. With this posture, you will give the impression of being demotivated. You should also avoid crossing your arms and legs. Be enthusiastic and positive when presenting your marketing project.

Have a SMART goal

Setting SMART goals will let you know where you want to go and communicate it well so everyone is moving in the same direction. SMART is an acronym that corresponds to criteria that make it possible to establish ideal objectives for the management of a company. A SMART goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

The SMART objective specifies what must be done, how and by whom. It must also be clear, precise and easy to understand. When it’s too complex, you need to break it down into smaller goals. A SMART objective should also explain what is expected as a result in terms of quality, quantity and price. With the resources available, the objective must be attainable in such a way that Engage your superiors.

A SMART objective must also be relevant. It must indeed make sense, taking into account the general objectives of the company. This means it must be in line with financial objectives and business objectives in general. To write SMART goals, you need to set an overall goal. From this, you can determine smaller goals.

How to present your marketing projects to your superiors?