In the version of the populachero peje president, the Cry of Independence became a propaganda scream. Overall, he must have said, if I’ve already skipped other blocks, I’m going to print my demagogic stamp on him, disrupting the traditional script.

At one point he gave the impression that he began to improvise, his chest swelled, his voice broke and he began to campaign: with an altered and very agitated tone he shouted: “Death to corruption!” And several of his cabinet felt evicted.

The 212th anniversary of the beginning of Independence became a political rally that had as guests of honor Evo Morales, Hugo Chávez and the daughter of Che Guevara, among others. To those who stayed in a luxury hotel and, of course, gladly lent themselves to the parody of the internationalization of the Scream. Wouldn’t it have been more significant to surround yourself with illustrious Mexicans to endorse authentic nationalism?

Although no one will be able to deny him his power of convocation, because the Zócalo plate was packed with 130 thousand mitoteros who answered each “Long live” and replied the “Muera”. Without a doubt, the Tabasco must have felt wide as lettuce with his popularity at the top; that, for some like me, it is insidious populism that, when the time comes, could badly become an endorsement of the Four Ts.

Asking for cheers, he alluded to anonymous heroes, freedom, justice, equality, democracy, our sovereignty, honesty, universal brotherhood and peace. Everything, just and necessary, as seen in the pious prayer. But, the historical characters of our Independence were relegated to the background due to unfortunate politicking.


From the Latin ´ululátus´ which means clamor or lament, scream also has the meanings of roar, whining screech and scream. The Royal Academy of Language, screaming says (among other concepts): “Cry of war when entering combat.” And this definition is the one that most adheres to the intention of López Obrador, who daily stigmatizes his opponents as a wolf in sheep’s clothing with a false bleat.

FROM MY BOOKSELLER: ITURBIDE, FALSE REDEEMER I quote: “Iturbide was a criollo, perhaps a mulatto warrior (horrible word, coming from mule; but it was the name of the caste with which the inhabitants of New Spain were popularly described)”. Iturbide superb and ostentatious. Modest and austere warrior. These factors would influence the former to monopolize for some time the merits of having consummated the fight for Independence, but his true intentions became clear with his disastrous idea of ​​crowning himself emperor”.

The heroes and heroines who gave us homeland and freedom are: Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, Ignacio Allende, José María Morelos y Pavón, Vicente Guerrero, Juan Aldama and Guadalupe Victoria as those who most…

Cheering for them is what proceeds in the traditional Cry of Independence, but megalomania (airs of grandeur) are airs that cause insidious screams. *- The author is a professor of Creative Writing at Cetys University.