“I didn’t want to make a parody of the first one”: The most difficult part for Daniel Craig in ‘Stabs in the back 2’ you will only notice if you see the film this way

We spoke with the actor, his co-stars Edward Norton, Kate Hudson and Janelle Monáe; and director Rian Johnson. The sequel to the hit ‘whodunit’ hits theaters on November 23 and Netflix in December.

Daniel Craig already knows what it’s like to repeat a character. He’s been doing it for over a decade with James Bond. The actor now has another franchise on his hands and gets back into the shoes of benoit blancthe detective saga daggers in the back Directed and written by Rian Johnson. The November 23the sequel Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery hits theaters and then, in December, it will land on Netflix. Although Craig already knows what it is to bring this character to life, there is a part that worried him a lot. However, to realize what it is you must watch a movie concrete form.

When he plays Benoit Blanc, Craig speaks with a southern accent, and that was the hardest part of making this sequel. “I wanted to make sure the accent was right and I didn’t want to parody the first movie”explains the actor in SensaCinema. “I wanted it to look real”.

So, if you want to see whether or not Craig got his way back on the new Benoit Blanc case, you’ll have to enjoy Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery in original version.

The accent was the hardest for Craig, but the rest was pretty easy. “It was all made easy by the fact that Rian wrote the script and then cast this amazing cast.. If I’m working with people like Kate Hudson I think: ‘My job is easy,’ she adds.

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In this new installment, fans will discover some new details about Benoit Blanc’s personal life, but Johnson doesn’t want you to know too much about him. “Daniel and I have talked about this, I think it’s tempting when you have an actor as good as Daniel and a big movie star in the role to think that you have to give him a personal story and explore his character and develop him,” says the director. . “I think that’s a mistake with a whodunit. I think the detective has to play his part in the mystery, but other than that, he has to be an enigma. You shouldn’t know much about him.”.


daggers in the backa, the ‘whodunit’ created by Johnson after his time in Star Wars as director and screenwriter of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it was all a success. Released in 2019 and with a spectacular cast, the film was very well received by critics and the public and catapulted the career of Ana de Armas. Now, after an agreement with Netflix, Johnson returns to the world of mystery with this new installment.

Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery follows a disparate group of people who are invited to a private island by billionaire Miles Bron. Once there, he has to solve a murder. The sequel is a ‘whodunit’, but that you find out the murderer is not the most important thing. As the director explains:

I like to say that these movies are roller coasters and not crossword puzzles. I don’t want people to sit around trying to solve them, I want them to lean forward and say, ‘What’s going to happen now?

Craig shares the same opinion as Johnson. “Mystery is a big part of the movie, but no… it’s much more about enjoying the ride and then comes the rest.. I hope that when people see this movie, you always want people to try to figure things out, but we also want people to relax and say, ‘Okay. We are going to tell you who has done it. It’s okay”.

“That happened to me when I was reading it. I laughed so hard I forgot I was reading a murder mystery”adds Kate Hudson, who gives life to the influencer birdie jay.

In the sequel, Craig says goodbye to actors and actresses like Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer and Toni Collette to surround himself with the likes of Hudson, Edward Norton and Janelle Monáe. She the latter she knew she had to join the movie when she, reading the script, she couldn’t figure out who the murderer was. “That’s when I knew: ‘Okay. I have to do this’. Because to see the satisfaction in the public and in their eyes. Or, simply, to see the disbelief, of what was happening…”Monae says.


Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery takes place on a private island in Greece. The shooting was quite similar to what the film shows. “We needed to be super-united because of COVID… Producer Ram [Bergman], I think he had a spy waiting for us in the bushes like, ‘Are they out? Are they wearing masks?”Monae says.

As it continues:

We spend a lot of time together in this kind of bubble in Greece. We had mystery parties, drank, ate together and I think I can honestly say that we left with some lifelong friends.

Norton, for his part, reveals that there was someone in the cast who wanted to make a little escape and did not succeed: “We’re not going to name names, but one of us… One of our group tried to go on a mini-vacation and Ram found out and they made them stop the trip and come back”.

All in all, the cast and director had a great time making the movie. “I love it when the script is done and I’m on set and I can see the actors perform. For me that is pure joy. Especially when you have a cast like this, when I can sit in front of the monitor and see them working well together and doing their job and coming up with jokes… That’s the fun part for me,” Johnson says.

“It was a lot of fun,” Norton stresses. Monáe concludes: “It was like summer camp. You didn’t want it to end”.

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“I didn’t want to make a parody of the first one”: The most difficult part for Daniel Craig in ‘Stabs in the back 2’ you will only notice if you see the film this way