Î D’îles, or the ecological emergency

Following a series of residences in the South-West and in Brittany, Ferdinand Doumerc, Rébecca Féron, Csaba Palotaï, Audrey Spiry and Marjolaine Karlin presented at l’Escale the final version of “Î D’îles”, a complex project in in which the five artists, through music, visual arts and dramaturgy, recount eleven islands whose stories testify to an ecological disaster.

“Î D’îles”, almost everything is in the title. In any case, the project initiated by Ferdinand Doumerc aims to tell about abandoned islands. But there is abandonment and abandonment and, in the show “Î D’îles”, the common thread is this ecological escape, like Henderson in British Polynesia, an uninhabited island where there is nevertheless a concentration of plastic waste. among the largest in the world. The concert was also and thus a militant gesture. To better carry this word which has above all the value of observation, the whole constitutes a painted concert since, in addition to the musicians, Audrey Spiry produces narrative frescoes during the hour and a half that the show lasts.

Eleven islands are thus visited with, for each one, a focus based on an original story. This is the case with Tikopia and its rational ecological and demographic management, or even Aoshima, which has an extremely high concentration of cats. But the story of each of these islands – there are as many chapters as there are islands – is also that of a possible disappearance of men.

It is the Stopover in Tournefeuille which welcomes the exit of residence; we find there the complex nature of this project, due in particular to the video and plastic device around which the visual artist and the three musicians found themselves – Ferdinand Doumerc is there in a trio with the harpist Rebecca Feron and the guitarist Csaba Palotai. The music is thus part of a triptych where the work of Audrey Spiry is much more than a simple illustration and where it is the articulations between music, live visual productions and dramaturgy, which constitute the essential of this very beautiful project.

Î d’Îles (c) Cédric Gleyal

We do not leave a residence – the last in this case since the Astrada, the café Plùm de Lautrec, the Théâtre Garonne, the Estran de Guidel and the Salle des Thermes de Saint-Antonin Noble Val had hosted this project in gestation before the finale of Tournefeuille – without a certain pressure. Still, in the Stopover, full as an egg for this occasion, we hear the flies flying and we feel constant attention and concentration.

It is not the only artistic project that comes to question the place of Man in his ecosystem: many artists have thrown themselves into this problem by putting their aesthetic sense and their ability to mobilize at the service of this cause. We will remember that “Î D’îles” does not moralize or make people feel guilty. It helps to establish an observation and, for once, does it in a very good way.

Î D’îles, or the ecological emergency