“I don’t think he’s crying; he is a provocateur ”: AuronPlay reacted to Shakira’s song against Piqué

The Colombian singer Shakira continues to be in the news not only in Colombia, but in the world, after the successful musical collaboration with the Argentine BZRP, which in just one day exceeded 70 million views on YouTube alone.

Her verses are explicit, the singer did not hold anything back and sang the tabla (as it is colloquially said in Colombian territory) to her ex-partner, former soccer player Gerard Piqué. Among some of her lines are phrases like: I was too big for you, that’s why you’re with someone just like you. […] He has a good person’s name, Clearly it’s not what it sounds like.

How much could Shakira earn from YouTube views of her latest hit?
Shakira in her most recent success. – Photo: Screenshot

The lyrics have caused a great impact throughout the world, as even countries that are not native speakers of Spanish They have translated each word to decipher the message that the woman from Barranquilla left in Spanish. So much so that he streamer Spanish Auron decided to make his opinion known about it.

“I don’t understand these people who say RIP [Rest In Peace] what… let’s see, Piqué is going to continue doing well and on Sunday he will have an audience that will blow his mind in the Kings League. Piqué is not going to stop doing well in life. RIP musically speaking, the same yes… but he’s not going to stop doing well, the truth is”, he pointed out in one of his well-known transmissions on Twitch, where he also added that, “In addition to this guy who, as far as I know Piqué —who I have been following him for many years—, the truth, another person would burst into tears and say: ‘Damn my life. My God, I’m going to die’, but I think that what happened yesterday made Piqué horny…”.

Additionally, AuronPlay also said that Piqué, far from lamenting criticism and ridicule, on the contrary, is enjoying being a trend around the world.

“He likes to be the center of attention. He likes. He surely has been listening to it at home and dancing all day. He is a rather peculiar guy, Piqué. I don’t think he’s crying. Another, maybe, but Piqué crying? But yes, he has always been a provocateur”.

“I’m going to make you voodoo”: this is the parody they did to Shakira’s song about Piqué

Added to these reactions is the most recent parody of the musical success, which has caught the attention of Internet users, in which they add mocking messages against the former soccer player and his new girlfriend, Clara Chía.

It is the version made by the humor program of TV3, Polandwhere you can see the actress Eva Ortega characterizing Shakirawith all the aesthetics of BZRP Music Session #53which has become the most viral topic on social networks.

“For guys like you. My love, the rancor is over, but your girlfriend is short as a plug. It is the hour of compassion, although if you see my mother-in-law, that she eats a turd. Hey, ‘Geri’, I’m good. I think someone flattened your wheels. A wolf like me makes Thebes good”, is heard in the parody video.

The part of the song that has attracted the most attention is where the actress appears pricking a voodoo doll, exaggerating Shakira’s annoyance with Piqué.

They parody Shakira's song
They parody Shakira’s song – Photo: Screenshot

“A wolf like me uses a voodoo doll. I’m going to voodoo you. You have to be in contact. I will approach and with your little face I will do Kung-fu. From love to hate there is a step, soon in ‘Crims’ you will see our case. Zero rancor baby, but I warn you that Rosa Peral by my side is a great game. I don’t even know what happened to you that you have traded a whole Five Jacks for the Ham Ham Ruffles”, sings the parody about the famous Twingo and the Casio. “I am Gila, she is José Mota. She has the name of a fine person. If I eat chia, I get ‘cagarrinas’”.

“I don’t think he’s crying; he is a provocateur ”: AuronPlay reacted to Shakira’s song against Piqué