“If Arnold Schwarzenegger could, so could I”, Sergio Mayer wants to be president of Mexico | tomatoes

Politics is a serious thing, but on more than one occasion, in various corners of the planet, it has been presented as a true comedy and sometimes reality surpasses all the satirical films that have been made over the years. It is true that any citizen has the right to run for the presidency of a country, and his past career should not be a reason to denigrate someone’s ability.

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However, many of us could agree that, to take on the role of representative of a country, you should be prepared for the great responsibility that this implies, since your decisions will have repercussions on the lives of others. In the United States alone, Ronald Reagan, the 40th president, had a past as a Hollywood actor, while Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator – 100%, Predator – 78%, Command – 70%) made it to the governorship of California.

The current president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, also has a remarkable repertoire of comedies in his country. Until now, in Mexico a star of that style has not reached the chair of the president, although as deputies we have had several recognized figures such as María Rojo, Carmen Salinas and Sergio Mayer, who generated much debate when he was chosen to lead the Commission of Culture and Cinematography of the country.

It is the same former member of Garibaldi who has made clear his interest in becoming president of Mexico in the 2024 elections, and in a recent interview shared by Millenniumthe actor from La Balada de Hugo Sánchez – 64% rectified their intentions comparing themselves with the star of The Promised Gift – 17%.

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Of course I visualize myself, I decree it, I think about it and I continue working for it and that the fact of being an actor does not minimize you, nor does it take away the possibility of doing things well. Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of the most important state that was California and I have tried to demonstrate with facts that everything they have wanted to discredit me, say, I have always verified that the truth assists me.

His time in politics has not been intact, as videos were sometimes revealed where he mistreated those who worked with him, and he has even been accused of influence peddling in other situations in which he ends up involved. It is worth mentioning that in 2014 he was chosen to play a parody of the former president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto in the tape The Perfect Dictatorship – 80% by Luis Estrada, starring Damián Alcázar, Joaquín Cosio, Osvaldo Benavides, Tony Dalton and Alfonso Herrera.

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It is worth mentioning that Mayer served as a federal deputy between 2018 and 2021, and has still had small participations in theater and on television such as the monologue Defending the Caveman, where his version was harshly criticized and was even considered a failure, but he continues to keep his eyes on politics, especially the presidency. But in case he manages to run, he will be in the hands of the people he takes or such an important position.

“If Arnold Schwarzenegger could, so could I”, Sergio Mayer wants to be president of Mexico | tomatoes