Illiberal Brothers | The law with which Meloni risks destroying the Italian economy

It will be the weak point of a possible (probable?) Meloni government. Not the only one! But the foreign and European policy from which everything else descends, including economic issues, will be the classic Achilles’ heel. It is not enough that the foreign minister Antonio Tajani, a friend of the President of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber, has set his sights on the foreign ministry. It is not enough that the leader of the Brothers of Italy from now on guarantees a clear pro-Atlantic position and says that we must be “very clear” about the war. And that the opposition has given its contribution in order not to transform Italy into the weak link of the West, confirming the stereotype of the spaghetti and mandolin nation, which in fact even Mario Draghi recognized them.

Yesterday at the management of her party, which welcomed her with a standing ovation as if she were already sitting in Palazzo Chigi, Meloni assured that she will be the guarantee (“without ambiguity”) of a reliable nation on international tables and that she will not be never less support for “the heroic battle of the Ukrainian people”.

We’ll see if this will be written in black and white in the center-right program, with Matteo Salvini’s signature at the bottom. He tells the world to trust her, who is also president of that European Conservative Party where the Polish hegemons are the most anti-Russian on the globe. There is no need to worry about Salvini and his ambiguities with Moscow, his relations with the Russian embassy which prompted him to withdraw the League’s ministers from the Draghi government. The truth is that the scoop of the Press, where the contacts between Salvini and Moscow are documented, complete with Russian interest in the withdrawal of the Northern League ministers, embarrasses the Brothers of Italy. The same group leader Francesco Lollobrigida, Meloni’s right-hand man and brother-in-law, specified that certain international events need to be clarified. Then the allies minimize: the League talks about fake news and the ministers Giorgetti, Garavaglia and Stefani affirm that they are Martian things; for Forza Italia it is envy because the center-right in a few hours has agreed on who will be the premier (the head of the most voted party) and on the division of single-member constituencies.

Meloni did not join this choir. In your speech to the party leadership you did not mention it, except for those reassurances mentioned above from the series “with us at Palazzo Chigi there is no Russian danger”. Indeed, it is the message to the insiders, everyone should remember that the Brothers of Italy fought strenuously to prevent a single group from being formed in the European Parliament with friends from Moscow, with the French of Marine Le Pen and the Northern League of Salvini. . Who, when he was in vogue and strong in consensus, pushed like crazy in this direction, just to screw Meloni.

Now, if all this were not enough to reassure the international reliability of a Meloni-led government, the probable future press will let those in charge know that the delegation to the secret services will certainly not leave it in the hands of the possible next Minister of the Interior. . Guess who wants to go back to the Viminale?

Well, but there is a point that causes the castle of reliability to collapse and it is not the neo-fascists, what Meloni calls “the nostalgic for operetta”. It is something much more intrusive, worrying for Italy’s permanence in Europe, with all that this entails for public finances, for community collaboration. Basically, Meloni should disavow, indeed withdraw, the constitutional bill (his first signature) which provides for the prevalence of domestic law over Community law. Which he has not done so far and will not do because his model is sovereign, nationalist, like the Hungarian one. And also Polish. It is the model of a confederal and not a federal Europe. It is the idea that there are national interests that can never, ever be dealt with, even at the cost of a front-end with Brussels. It will be necessary to understand even if at the cost of damaging national interests and losing the money of the NRP, a plan that descends from the Next Generation EU. We recall that the European Conservatives, to which the Melonians belong, abstained from the European fund of 750 billion euros. Once in government, would Meloni do like Budapest which uses the unanimous voting rule to block community decisions?

The prevalence of national law over EU law is not patriotic if Italian companies will no longer be able to operate in the single European market and if it transforms Italy back into a special observed country. As happened with Silvio Berlusconi in government between 2010 and 2011. Giulio Tremonti was at the Ministry of Economy, coincidentally returned to vogue with the Brothers of Italy among the eligible ministers.

That constitutional law could be the Trojan horse in the European Union. And Meloni would have the votes to approve it if he wins the elections on 25 September. And if he wins with two thirds of the seats there will not even be the possibility of stopping it with the constitutional referendum.

Illiberal Brothers | The law with which Meloni risks destroying the Italian economy –