In a religious school they made a parody about Cristina Kirchner, the “planeros” and the “polenta”: controversy, repudiation and denunciation

At the Monseñor Caneva school in the city of Olavarría (Buenos Aires) an act took place featuring students, who parodied Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner throwing boxes of wine and packets of polenta at young people who called themselves “planeros”. The video went viral on social networks, where many people rejected what happened. In addition, they denounced the act for alleged symbolic violence and the Directorate of Private Management Education must intervene.

As can be seen in the video that went viral this Wednesday, the students of the last year of high school they played Cristina Kirchner throwing boxes of wine and polenta. In addition, the alleged supporters of the act carried signs with terms such as “planeros” and “shitty niggers”among others.

Given the hate messages, the intervention of the Private Management Education Directorate (DIEGEP) was requested to investigate the fact and the responsibility of the educational authorities. This also occurs in the context of the recent attack suffered by the former president in front of her house in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

It is very serious that an educational and religious institution such as the Monsignor César Cáneva Private Institute allows hate speech and discriminatory acts in a school act. Even more so in the context that our country is going through after the attack on the Vice President,” said Buenos Aires deputy César Valicenti, a leader from Olavarría, after the act went viral.

The head of the block of Deputies of the Front of All in the province of Buenos Aires pointed out that “andThis type of manifestation of hate builds violent relationships that are reflected within our society and that cannot be tolerated in a framework of democratic coexistence, even less so in a school setting”.

Meanwhile, from the Buenos Aires Government, the head of Education, Alberto Sileoni, expressed: “Given the events that occurred in a school in Olavarría, we reiterate, we insist, that all schools have the obligation to be territories free of violence, real or symbolic , of discrimination, of lack of respect for others, where hate speech does not take place”.

And I add: “We know that the steps of violence and fear are climbed one by oneand it is necessary to see the preannouncements, the signs, which is why teachers must be alert to prevent any hint of offense”.

On the other hand, from Youth of the Front of All of Olavarría they also gave their opinion about what happened and wrote a statement. “Shortly after the attempted murder of our Vice President, far from calling us to reflection, acts of symbolic violence continue to be reproduced that do nothing but replicate hate speech”, they lamented.

And they invited to reflect “those people who revile our passions and offend, insult, and echo speeches that generate cracks of pain in those of us who raise the flags of love, solidarity and social justice.”

Teachers of the school, pointed against the Management Team of the Monsignor César Cáneva School. “The passivity in the face of the stigmatization of the person who exercises the National Executive Powerin her role as Vice President of the Nation, and days after suffering an attack, requires an institutional apology,” they warned.

Meanwhile, they stressed that democracy “is exercised and strengthened every day, and schools must be an example of spaces for the collective construction of citizenship, coexistence and tolerance for everyone”.

In a religious school they made a parody about Cristina Kirchner, the “planeros” and the “polenta”: controversy, repudiation and denunciation