In Germany, the Minister of Defense in bad shape after lunar wishes

Are the days of the German Minister of Defense numbered? The question has been asked since the video that she published, on the evening of December 31, 2022, on her Instagram account. Filmed in a street in Berlin, her hair dishevelled by the wind and her voice drowned by the crackling of fireworks, Christiane Lambrecht declared this: “A war is raging in the heart of Europe. I was able to draw many special impressions from it as well as many encounters with interesting and wonderful people. For that, I say a big thank you. »

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Asked, Monday, January 2, about these wishes, as lunar in form as in substance, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense was satisfied with this answer: [Mme Lambrecht] spoke on a private account. She chose her own words herself, without seeking the services of her administration. » It prevents. If Christine Lambrecht used her personal address, and not that of her ministry, by posting her message on Instagram, the status of her word has, de facto, an official character: whatever the channel on which she expresses herself, its voice is inevitably taken for that of the German government.

For the conservative opposition, the defense minister no longer has a place in Olaf Scholz’s team. “Every hour more than Mme Lambrecht remaining in office weakens the authority of the Chancellor”, believes the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Friedrich Merz. “This minister must resign or be fired”affirms, meanwhile, the leader of the Bavarian conservatives, Markus Söder (CSU).

A disastrous image of amateurism

Within her camp, Christine Lambrecht has little support to claim. In a long article from Spiegel, published Tuesday, January 3, several deputies of the majority, members of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) or the Greens, say they are dismayed by the wishes broadcast on Instagram by the Minister of Defense, both in form and in background. Virtually inaudible due to the fireworks that occupy the background, his statement gives a disastrous image of amateurism, they believe. By failing to mention the suffering of the Ukrainians, the minister appears, moreover, totally out of step with the issues of the moment, they add.

Aged 57, Christine Lambrecht has struggled, since her appointment to the Ministry of Defense, at the end of 2021, to establish her authority there. Appointed Minister of Justice in 2019, under Angela Merkel, she announced her retirement from political life two years later, before being finally recalled to government by Olaf Scholz when the latter became Chancellor.

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In Germany, the Minister of Defense in bad shape after lunar wishes