Instant translation into multiple languages

Although the human being has the capacity, to a certain extent, to be able to to speak several languages,however, the majority of people do not necessarily feel the need to speak or learn a new language, other than the one they speak on a daily basis.

However, there are exceptions such as English, which is an almost universal language, and Spanish, which is spoken in several countries. However, the language barrierwill quickly become an insurmountable obstacle for many people moving to a foreign country.

How about then be able to understand and communicate in 76 languages using state-of-the-art technology?

Access a instant translationof his words is a small technological miracle made possible thanks to Vasco Electronics and its latest voice instant translator: The Vasco Translator V4

An instant translator for professionals and travelers

With support for 108 languages, Vasco Translator V4 is a real success. It allows to converse with the majority of the inhabitants of the globe with a pronunciation of a native speaker.

In situation, the device is discreet and very efficient in its size. Its loudspeakers powerfully transcribe the translation. Thanks to its noise-reducing microphones, you can easily use the translator in crowded places.

This translator not only translates voice, but also translates text, whether typed or photographed with its built-in OCR (Character Recognition). With free and unlimited Internet access for life, in nearly 200 countries, you will never be short of a network to understand your interlocutors and vice versa.
It is an ideal tool for professionals who come into contact with many foreign contacts, but also for anyone who often travels abroad. A device that could quickly become indispensable for travel bloggers moreover!

My use of Instant Translator, Vasco Translator V4

After testing the device and its different possibilities, I was pleasantly surprised by several aspects:

  • The lightness of the product which makes it a device that slips easily into a pocket without feeling the weight of a phone. It is much lighter and less imposing.
  • The quality of the translation that I compare to some engines that I use like Deepl in particular. The translation is almost perfect, it allows in any case to perfectly understand (voice and text).
  • The quality of pronunciation, because in addition to the quality of translation, it is just as essential to understand as to be understood. The Vasco Translator V4 offers excellent pronunciation quality here. I tested many languages ​​for fun, even Japanese, and it really felt like someone was recording on the fly.
  • A clear and bright screen which is large and legible enough for all manipulations. It is in color.
  • The power of the sound delivered without being aggressive and it is important to fully understand the various possible translations, especially in noisy areas.
  • Lessons offered by Vasco Translator V4 offers a fun way to learn languages, and more specifically vocabulary! It is in my opinion the most important for learning languages.>
  • The ability to add pronunciations like Hebrew in particular, by which I would be very tempted. But with more than 76 languages ​​translated, it’s still a little extra.
  • Autonomy is excellentdifficult to break down even if you still have to monitor the battery level.
  • Protections included who have the merit to be provided in the pack. A screen protector to apply quickly and a silicone shell to protect the device.

Its many qualifiers make it the ideal tool in all situations where translation is important. In my case, he is already adopted as a travel companion, being a great traveler.

The voice instant translator, Vasco Translator V4 in situation

No need to speak all the languages ​​and dialects of the world, even if it turns out to be impossible! But to be understood by strangers around the world or in your own country, is a real advantage when you know that cities are becoming more and more cosmopolitan.

Moreover, when Trips abroad or business trips, it is a tool that can quickly become indispensable.

translate voice instantly

It is a lightweight and very compact translation device that can translate up to 108 languages. With a powerful sound reproduction of 99 dB, it makes it possible to understand and be understood, even in very noisy environments such as in a shopping street, a station or an airport.

Here is a short video presentation of the device to better understand what it offers.

Presentation of the Vasco Translator V4 in video

The main features of the Vasco Translator V4

The key points of the translator are listed below through its functionalities and the various entry points that allow translation (conversation, text, photo, etc.).

Translator features:

  • Support for 108 languages
  • Lifetime free Internet access for all your translations
  • Instant translation with a delta of less than 0.5s
  • A large comfortable 5” screen
  • Powerful speakers delivering a sound rate of 99 dB
  • Shock and splash resistance (protection is also provided in the pack)
  • Translation of speech, texts and photos
  • Multilingual group chats (chats in multiple languages)

The different accesses offered to the menu for translation. The Vasco Translator V4 offers 5 from its home menu:

1. Chat: instant voice translation from one language to another.
2. Picture: Translation of texts contained in photos via an OCR.
3. Text: Text input and translation from one language to another.
4. Cat: Multilingual conversation groups with the translation of exchanges in your language or the language of your interlocutors. You can create your own group or join another one.
5. Learning: Learn the vocabulary and pronunciation of 28 languages ​​via flashcards.
6. Settings : Access settings to configure your device: WiFi, Bluetooth, language, update, speech speed and screen brightness. Also access device factory information and additional pronunciations.

An instant translator useful in many situations

A translation device can help you in many areas outside of the ones you first think of, such as travel and business travel.

Don’t forget that the device from Vasco Electronics also offers a instant text translation, in typing or via OCR thanks to its camera, and that the latter can be much more useful than you think.

See below some application examples of the Vasco Translator V4 for the voice instant translation and written:

Translate cultural domains: books, video games, songs, etc.

The field of culture being broad, a Vasco translator can be very useful to you on many subjects:

  • Books : The translation of certain portions of books into various languages ​​can help you better understand a subject, a preface or accompany you in learning a language. Translate what you did not understand and be accompanied in your learning of new languages ​​by the ideal assistant that is the Vasco Translator V4.
  • Video games : An area that you would not think of, but when a video game is only in English or Japanese, which are the most widespread, the Vasco Translator V4 will allow you to move forward and progress on games that were up to here inaccessible to French speakers. It is also a way, which could not be more playful, to learn languages.
  • The lyrics of the songs: Do you want to know the meaning of the lyrics of your favorite songs? No worries, a simple photo of the text of the lyrics and an instant translation will appear in the chosen language.
  • Museums abroad: You like to visit museums abroad, but the language barrier does not allow you to deepen your knowledge! If no audio tour in your language is offered, use your device to translate the texts that accompany the works of art or any piece of the museum that offers an explanation. A simple photo of the texts and again the turn will be played.


The field of culture can extend to many other subjects, and if you have to translate explanatory texts unknown to you on your travels, readings, etc., take out your Vasco Translator V4.

Instant translation of exchanges between friends and extended family

It is not uncommon to make friends abroad, with whom we would like to exchange regularly. The language barrier is often a hindrance, Vasco Translator V4 here becomes a fun way to learn new words and expressions in real time.

As well as some members of our family who do not speak French well, could quickly be understood thanks to this instant voice translator. This is how technology can bring people together, rather than keeping them apart like social networks do, whatever people say.

Translate the news at the source to better understand

As the news is international, it is not always advisable to rely on national media to better understand what is happening abroad. Being able to read information at the source is more relevant in most cases. On social networks, information from all over the world is accessible, for example.

You can subscribe to different media and access the press articles that are shared. The information that seems interesting to you can be translated via photos of the articles. Even better, foreign press articles can also be translated on the spot, when you are traveling abroad.

Thus, thanks to the Vasco translator, you will be able to understand, in your languagewhat happens elsewhere.

Instant translator of restaurant menus, signs, user manuals, etc.

Who has not found themselves in front of a restaurant menu without understanding the ingredients that make up the dishes offered? Who hasn’t come across user manuals for devices in a foreign language, without French being available? For all these issues, the translator Vasco can help you.

You just need to use the Vasco translator again, which will launch the integrated OCR to translate the texts to you in the language of your choice.

As soon as a sign or an incomprehensible text comes to you in a foreign country, take out your translator, and understand easily and immediately everything that seemed inaccessible to you until now.

In summary

Today barriers can be overcome with the help of technology, and with the help of the Vasco Translator V4, it is a compendium of technology that allows this feat. Thanks to his voice instant translator and its OCR which allows character recognition, these are 108 languages ​​that fit in your pocket

An essential device to take on personal and professional trips. The Vasco Translator also makes language learning fun, with built-in language learning lessons. The device benefits from a lifetime and unlimited Internet connection for all your translation needs.

A light device with a perfectly adapted format with a large screen, and which slips easily into a pocket. Its sound reproduction is powerful and the understanding as the instant translation of languages ​​is excellent.

There is no doubt that he is a translator who will continue to evolve over the years.

Instant translation into multiple languages