Interview with Adrián Moreno, the famous influencer of Real Betis

The young Sevillian also known as djbeticohas given us an interview to talk about his great influence in networks and his expectations as a Betic fan this year.

The influencer par excellence of Betis

Adrian Moreno is an influencer born in Sevillewhich dedicates a large part of its content to one of his passions, the Real Betis. It has a great popularity in social networks like TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.

In addition to content about the Verdiblanco club, he also makes humorous videos, some of which have more than a million views. It also premiered this year at the music field with »If you see Ceballos in Madrid», a parody of one of the artist’s songs Feid.

His fame increased greatly when he began to hold an event known as the Charity Sevillano Derby, an event in which two teams made up of streamers, youtubers and tiktokers, represent Seville and Betis in a game of football 11.

It has a charitable purpose, and the money raised goes to the foundation DACE, (Sevillian Association of People Affected by Sudden Brain Injury.) In the past event, according to different sources, they managed to raise a total of 3000 euro for the cause.

The interview

Ask: How do you manage to be someone so influential in the community of Real Betis in social networks?

Response: I don’t influence directly in Betis, that is, my opinion does not affect anything because it is pure opinion. I obviously have some responsibility for being “known”, but I usually wear it very good.

Q: As a bético fan, what prediction Do you do for this year in LaLiga, Copa del Rey, Europa League and Spanish Super Cup?

A: We hope to be among First 4 in LaLigain Cup we don’t have a roof, so where we get to will be fine. In the Europa League, we will go for her and we will fight it, just like in the Spanish Super Cup.

Q: You have always been known as DjBético, but would you prefer to be known by this nickname or by Adri Moreno?

A: I wanted to give the change to Adrián so they would know me for who i am, and not because of what I do. I prefer do not associate the name »Betis» to myself so that it is not the only topic on which I can upload content.

Charity Youtubers Derby poster.

Q: How did the idea for the charity match come about? Youtubers? How did you manage to contact other influencers to ask about their availability?

A: The idea arose from making a match between my followers and those of Lucy. Then we decided to make it beneficial, and from there to what we have now, crazy. To contact people, there are never problems. Most are friends or have connections To talk to them.

Q: The last question is about your »hit», if you see Ceballos in Madrid. The song was so famous that the player reacted in their social networks to this parody that you dedicated to him. Has music been something that has always been associated with you, or did it appear as a spontaneous idea?

A: The idea to do so appeared spontaneously. I took it to a studio, got it out the best I could and it worked great.

From Very Football we appreciate the opportunity to interview Adrián, a great influencer who it has no roof and he has treated us great. You can visit their social networks at the following links:





Written by José López.


Interview with Adrián Moreno, the famous influencer of Real Betis