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The Ecuadorian public still has a marked preference for comedians who play characters with outlandish features, usually accompanied by similarly exotic costumes and makeup. Some examples are the character of comedian Tomás Delgado, ‘La Vecina’, and ‘La pareja feliz’, played by David Reinoso and Flor María Palomeque.

Rony Torres, who plays ‘La Palominha’, a character based on the former television presenter Paloma Fiuza and who follows this tradition but practices family humor, spoke with this newspaper about its conception, the process of including his family in his humorous career, the first time he did stand upand the difficulties of entering the Ecuadorian comedy industry.

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How did you start in comedy?

ronny: “My beginnings were in radio. He has been characterized as ‘Palominha’ for 6 years. One day the opportunity came up to tell jokes on TC Televisión, on the Francisco Pinoargotti show, on the ‘PHD’ show. Our segment was called ‘HDP’ – stand up humor. It was the first time that I characterized myself as ‘La Palominha’. Over time the character took shape and became ‘La Palominha’ that we know today.

Why did you base your character on Paloma Fiuza?

ronny: I am a voice imitator. The voice that came out best for me at that time was that of Paloma Fiuza, so much so that people called the radio to bet which was the original. However, over time I realized that the accent I was doing was difficult to understand, and that it was not going to work for me, that people were not going to understand me. The parody took on a life of its own; ‘La Palominha’ is no longer a parody of anyone, it is a character that has a life of its own. Besides, I never wanted to look like her physically.

also does stand up. How was that transition from radio to stage?

ronny: It was a challenge. Leaving the radio, where you don’t see the public, to a stage where you have the people in front of you and you have to do it well because if you don’t do it well, well, you know how people are, it’s a challenge. I feel like I already broke that wall of fear. I feel sure that people will laugh, as long as my humor remains familiar. I characterize myself for making humor that everyone can listen to. Those who recognize me the most on the street are children.

How was your first time doing stand up?

ronny: The first person who gave me the chance to do monologues was ‘La Vecina’, Tomás Delgado, now my great friend. He introduced me to his bar. He told me: ‘go see how it is, and when you’re ready let me know’. I went, I saw what it was like and I threw myself.

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He involves his daughter Alejandra and his wife Anggie a lot in the comic content that they upload to networks. How did the idea of ​​including them come about?

ronny: I had a hard time putting my daughter in. If it is difficult for a grown man, imagine for a girl. she cost him tears. This was an accident that today is a blessing. I see that many influencers record with well-known people to attract more audiences. I do not. I have my own people that I created, I formed them from scratch, my wife and my daughter. They are my work team.

It all started in the pandemic. We had to get into the world of social networks, of those we live, of videos and advertising. That’s where we put Alejandra, because we had no other choice, neither she nor I. Me because I had no one to record with and she because we had to support ourselves somehow, because they took me off the radio. My wife got it too. It involved a lot of tears and fighting to get it right. They told me: ‘We are not professionals!’, but I kept pushing them. Now Anggie has become someone influential, they call her for brands. Now they prove me right.

‘La Palominha’ will be presented on January 14 and 15, 2023 at the Teatro Las Cámaras, where he will share the stage with his family. Tickets can be purchased at the website of Ticket Show, and they cost the following: $10.00 (upper stall), $15.00 (lower stall), $20.00 (VIP). (AND)

“It cost them tears”; Rony Torres, the comedian behind La Palominha, opens up about including his family in his comedic content | People | Entertainment