Italian murder

Review by Paola Casella

Thursday 23 February 2017

In the small Abruzzo village of Acitrullo, population 16 souls and average age 68 years, nothing ever happens, until Countess Ugalda Martiro In Cazzati chokes on a sweet and the mayor Piero Peluria does not think of turning that accidental death into a stabbing multiple, of those who like so much the television show Chi l’acciso. The scam aims to attract to Acitrullo that horror tourism that has made Cogne, Novi Ligure and Avetrana famous.
To help Piero in his enterprise is his brother Marino: pity that Piero and Marino are stupid and dumber. Maccio Capatonda stages the worst of today’s Italy: the TV of pain, the journalists thirsty for pulp, the vulgar and ignorant curious who take selfies on the sites of the most heinous crimes, the police thirsty for media popularity, and whoever the more he has the more he puts on. It is a gallery of monsters which also includes Piero and Marino as well as the other inhabitants of Acitrullo and anyone else who appears on the scene, with the exception of the policewoman Gianna Pertinente, the only one who smells burnt and wants to find out more about the death of the countess.

The script (written by six hands, including those of Marcello Macchia and Luigi Luciano, aka Maccio Capatonda and Herbert Ballerina) is excellent, much more careful and stratified than those of banal contemporary Italian comedies, and very precise in giving an explanation ( albeit surreal) at every turn of the plot.

The interpretations are also excellent, especially those of Macchia and Sabrina Ferilli in the role of the cynical and coffin presenter Donatella Spruzzone, who sees in the crime of Acitrullo the potential for her own audience record.
What is missing in Italian murder it’s a good comedy direction. In fact, although the script is only apparently insane, it lacks that comic rhythm which is given by the succession of images, and which works differently for the big screen than for the small one (especially the PC one). For this in front of Italian murderwe smile a lot but hardly ever laugh, despite the barrage of jokes and puns to which Capatonda has long accustomed us. The good comedy director is a rare animal, and Marcello Macchia, unrivaled in putting together absurd scenes and hilarious characters who draw on reality in its darkest folds, fails (at least for now) to transform his narrative skills into cinema, and he also seems to forget that the great Italian comedy was so much written, but also left ample room for the improvisation of the actors, who in Italian murder instead she is held by an overstretched bridle. If Macchia manages to let go of that rein, and if he learns from the great directors of the past how to better manage the times of cinematic comedy, he will be able to put both his (rare) writing skills and his undoubted (primal) talent to good use. actor.

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Acitrullo, in Abruzzo, 16 souls, average age 68 years. Nothing ever happens. Then Countess Ugalda chokes on a sweet. The mayor transforms the incident into a cruel stabbing, to attract the attention of the media and tourism. 6-handed (good) screenplay to stage the worst of Italy around a (good) cast of well-known comic film actors. There is a lack of direction that transforms a demented story into a comic film. You never laugh, you don’t smile much, you get bored.

Italian murder