Jaime Duende, Julio Esteban and the characters of Televisa canceled in 2022

Do you remember Jaime Duende, Julio Esteban or Agapito? These Televisa characters have been canceled for promoting offensive representations and fostering stereotypes that have harmed certain sectors of society.

We are increasingly aware of the ways in which some characters have made inappropriate representations of people. In Peter Pan, Dumbo Y the jungle book Disney has included a warning message about the presence of stereotypes and/or negative ideas in the tapes. On Mexican television we can also find numerous examples of celebrities who have been singled out for their controversial interpretations such as Eugenio Derbez, Adrián Uribe or Facundo. These were some of the Televisa characters that were canceled in 2022 for inappropriate behavior.

Jaime Goblin


Jaime Duende played by Facundo.

Jaime Duende was created and interpreted by Facundo for his television program Incognito from 2008. The character is a parody of a Santa’s helper who was kicked out of the North Pole for being dishonest. He has been singled out for exercising violence against his wife and son, in addition to being misogynistic and racist.

Julius Stephen

ABC News

Julio Esteban interpreted by Eugenio Derbez.

Julio Esteban is an imitation of Walter Mercado who, according to Eugenio Derbez, was created to pay homage to the Puerto Rican astrologer. However, more than a tribute, users have pointed out that the character of Derbez is an offensive and homophobic mockery and parody of Market.


Hidalgo Criteria

The Agapito actor died in 2020.

Agapito is a homosexual character from the comedy show zero in conduct. After the death of the actor who played him in 2020, Agapito was canceled by Internet users because the reasons for mockery in the program were the character’s form of expression and clothing..


pass it on

The character of Victor Trujillo.

the character of Victor Trujillo has been branded a misogynist and hypocrite. Users pointed out that for years the clown objectified female bodies on his television show. After the events, the driver apologized for the improper acts of his character over the years.


Atomic Pens

The clown was linked to the process.

The Televisa clown was linked to the process by the Mexican authorities after being accused of sexual abuse and extortion by his former manager Carla Oaxaca. Her ex-wife, Bárbara Estrada, joined the complaints, who announced that she was forced to take intimate photos despite refusing to do so.

Rush hour

Amazon Prime Video

The program of ‘The rush hour’.

The comedy show has been noted for including a number of characters that promoted stereotypes and misogyny in their scenes. One of them is Carmelo, an effeminate waiter played by Adrian Uribewhich was criticized by the LGBTIQ+ community.

Jaime Duende, Julio Esteban and the characters of Televisa canceled in 2022