James Gunn says he does make good movies and that’s why the studios don’t interfere with them

James Gunn says he does make good movies and that’s why the studios don’t interfere with them

James Gunn He has always had a particular vision that has stood out in the cinema. From his early days as a freelance writer-director (like many of the directors Marvel Studios hires), he generated quite a bit of conversation, initially with the horror or the sinister (Creeping Creatures (86%)) and then taking the first step into the world of superheroes with Super (48%) which, despite not being the best qualified within her filmography, did begin to lay the foundations of her cinema in this subgenre.

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Super It was a kind of parody of superheroes in general, their stories and their struggles, but deep down it had a fairly established theme that caught the attention of many. His arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it was already advanced, did not seem to generate much confidence among fans of the franchise because it took unpopular characters outside the world of comics, in addition to the fact that it would be the first to use the main genre as the comedy.

As few saw it coming, the first installment of Guardians of the Galaxy (91%) was a success, and even this influenced that Kevin Feige I would like the rest of the films in the franchise to start focusing on comedy, since at first it had worked due to the fact that each character already had a different and defined tone. For all its undeniable setbacks, the MCU remains successful and it’s Gunn himself who has boasted that he was never asked to make any changes to his films – beyond being outrageously fired from Disney over an old unfortunate comment, only to return for finish your earrings

Upon his arrival at DC Films he was very well received with The Suicide Squad (91%) Y Peacemaker (86%)to later be named co-president of the company together peter safran. According to what he reports fandomwire, Gunn assured that his projects have never been intervened by Marvel or DC, because he has known how to handle things; and he claims that by now being the head of DC Studios, he will also respect the vision of each of the directors who will work on the franchise.

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They have never touched any of the Guardians movies. The film is almost finished editing, it’s in excellent shape, and Fred [Raskin] and Greg [Featherman] (my editors) and I are the only ones editing anything. Like all studios, if the studio doesn’t like the movie, they interfere. They do, or they don’t. It’s pretty simple. I have never been forced to change any of my movies, including the Guardians movies.

It is worth mentioning that even in the midst of the controversy during his departure from Marvel Studios, they allowed him to make certain notes for the presence of the Guardians in the Marvel movies. Avengers Y Thor: Love and Thunder (76%). It should be recognized that Marvel Studios has interfered in other projects such as the version of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (88%) from scott derricksonwhich would later be replaced by sam raimieither Ant-Man: Ant-Man (81%)which would originally be directed by Edgar Wright.

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On the other hand, the interventions in DCEU have been much more scandalous, such as when they deliberately changed important parts of the script of zack snyder for Justice League (41%)or the edition that suffered Suicide Squad (25%) at the cost of what david yesterday wanted to show. It is evident that this affected the franchise, and for the same reason they never allowed things to work as they were supposed to. Of course the arrival of Gunn and peter safran It has started somewhat explosively due to some cancellations, but we must consider that if they want to fix things, they will have to start almost everything from scratch.

James Gunn says he does make good movies and that’s why the studios don’t interfere with them