Fans of Jean-Luc Reichmann know that Jean-Luc Reichmann is very close to his sister. However, the latter is discreet and is not part of the media life of her brother. For the documentary event broadcast on TF1which goes back in detail on the life of the one who presents Les 12 Coups de Midi, she agrees to speak to the cameras.

Jean-Luc Reichmann accepts his angioma thanks to his sister

When the animator is still only a child, he finds his physical difference difficult. It must be said that the other children, at school, are not tender. They call him ” task“, in reference to this red stain visible on his nose. These moments are so difficult for him that he speaks, even today, of trauma: I overcame this trauma through humor and the love of my family. I think today that it’s our little differences that will make the difference, we have to do something positive with it. »

When he speaks of the love of his family, he refers to his sister. Without her being really aware of it, at the time, it was she who helped the young Jean-Luc Reichmann to accept himself. Indeed, Marie-Laure is deaf. ” It was peanuts compared to his deafness“, Considers the host, speaking of his angioma.

I understood at eleven that what I have, with my difference, a stain on my nose, is absolutely nothing compared to my sister’s handicap. It shaped my character“. The host is also the first in his family to notice the deafness of his sister, nine years his junior. Marie-Laure is indeed 97% deaf due to a birth defect.

Marie-Laure little present in the media life of her brother

Like her brother, Marie-Laure uses her disability as a strength. She fights to succeed, and manages to pass her studies as a dental technician with flying colors. She meets the love of her life, marries him, and has three children. Three girls who were born without any disabilities. If she leads a good life, she is not very present in the media life of her brother. And for good reason, as indicated by Gala thanks to the exclusive interview with Jean-Luc Reichmann, she refuses to speak to the cameras.

But she manages to overcome her fear during the recording of the exclusive documentary on her brother. Indeed, then July 2, TF1 is broadcasting an exclusive documentary on Jean-Luc Reichmann. The perfect opportunity for viewers to learn more about him. Logically, his relatives were approached by the producers to talk about the host. Marie-Laure hesitates, since she is ashamed of her pronunciation. But Jean-Luc Reichmann was able to find the words.

I present to you my little sister: with all her fragility, and her sincerity“, he says to Gala, referring to the film. He is delighted that she found the courage to participate in the film.

Jean-Luc Reichmann revolutionizes television for his sister

Until a few years ago, only current affairs programs were subtitled. Television was not then made for the hearing impaired. Thanks to his sister, the facilitator realizes the problem:

When I returned to Toulouse, I realized that my sister didn’t understand anything I was saying on TV.“. Gala tells us that the host then fights so that his sister can watch Jean-Luc Reichmann and understand his broadcasts. Thus, from the year 1997, he adds a clause to his contracts. He requires that the programs he hosts be captioned so that people who are deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy them. For the time, it is a small revolution.

It has become the rule. I am very proud of this fight. It gives meaning to my life. “, he confides, logically proud to have made television move in the right direction. To learn more about the host’s incredible life, watch this exclusive documentary. Nagui participated, as did Isabelle Benhadj, known for giving her voice to Zette, in the 12 noon shots. It is also an opportunity for Jean-Luc Reichmann to come back to the trials of life. We think in particular of his terrible motorcycle accident.

Jean-Luc Reichmann confides like never before on Marie-Laure, his deaf sister from birth