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Despite being described as a parody of DC Comics characters, whose film rights belong to the Warner Bros Discovery studio, The People’s Jokeran alternate version of the iconic clown may not be scheduled for the remainder of the 2022 Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) due to a rights infringement claim.

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In accordance with dead line, The People’s Joker has been withdrawn by its director, VeraDrew, from the TIFF 2022 schedule, due to a rights claim. The film, which is a parodic version of the iconic Batman villain and many of the hero’s satellite characters, was barely able to have its premiere last night before the threat of a dispute made the director withdraw from the rest of the projections.

The film is the story of a jokeless clown who, after failing to land a role on Gotham City’s only comedy show, forms his own stand-up club alongside other Batman villains. All this while he determines his gender identity, as a trans man, and falls in love with a version of Jason Todd who also becomes the Joker (one inspired by the Jared Leto version).

Apparently, all the references in the film to DC characters and the fact that it takes some inspiration from quite a few adaptations and stories from the comics are the reason that it can not pass as a parody but simply as a new version of these roles. The fact that it is distributed and exhibited in exchange for money constitutes a serious infringement on those who own the rights and the licenses thereof.

A review in Bloody Disgustingwhich was produced after the only function it had, celebrates that The People’s Joker, directed, written by and starring Drew, adapts and pokes fun at characters and stories from Batman and, of course, his colorful nemesis. Beyond that, it stands out that it is quite funny and intelligent in its social comments, criticism of the bat lore and also moving as a trans character coming of age.

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In response to having to withdraw her film, the director simply started the hashtag #FreeThePeoplesJoker on Twitter to ask the studio to be allowed to show her film. So far, no further comment has been made by studio representatives and the TIFF website simply apologizes for the inconvenience of canceling screenings and refunding those who already had their tickets.

The People’s Joker It will probably not see the light of day officially and it is unknown if it could be released or published under any other conditions. For now, fans of DC’s most psychotic clowns will have to settle for the new season of Harley Quinn – 100%, an animated series that was renewed for one more a few weeks ago.

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Joker spoof movie pulled from Toronto Film Festival over rights issue | tomatoes