Jorge Benavides assures that Magaly Medina is happy with her imitation of ‘Mascaly’: “She likes it a lot”

Jorge Benavides considers that he is the only one authorized to imitate Magaly Medina. (Photo: Capture)

Jorge Benavidez he has performed hundreds of impressions throughout his extensive career as a comedian. Among the most remembered and popular is “mascaly”, a character who parodies the driver Magaly Medina from several years ago.

During an interview with a local media outlet, the actor assured that the popular ‘Urraca’ has no problem with her characterization, since she has made it clear that the presenter is very happy with the work she has been doing.

It is worth mentioning that it has been seen Jorge Benavidez parodying Magaly Medina with her present in some episodes of JB on ATV, since the production has not hesitated to put the original and the ‘bamba’ on the same set so that they face each other.

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In a conversation with Trome, the ATV figure pointed out that he is the only one authorized to imitate the journalist. Likewise, he said that to date he maintains a good friendship with her.

“I think I’m the only one authorized to do a parody, she likes imitation a lot, she goes when we invite her to the program and there is a good relationship”Benavidez said.

On the other hand, Benavides was happy with the rating that his television space has been achieving. “We are very happy with the tuning, we already have a captive audience that follows us every weekend and waits for us”.

Let us remember that, on several occasions, Magaly Medina has indicated that she has never felt offended and has shown her taste for humorous sketches. “It is an honor to be imitated by someone as talented as him”mentioned at the beginning of 2021 when Benavides premiered JB on ATV.

Jorge Benavides as ‘Mascaly’ with Magaly Medina in 2021. (VIDEO: YouTube)

Carlos Alvarez he was in the eye of the storm after he made a parody of the first lady Lilia Paredes in Jaime Chincha’s ‘Eighth Commandment’ program. Her characterization was branded as “racist” by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations generating multiple reactions for and against.

Some artists spoke about it and among them, Jorge Benavidez. Although the figure of JB in ATV preferred not to talk about the subject directly since he assured that he did not see the parody, he preferred to give his opinion on the freedom of expression they have in their role as comedians.

“I think the most important thing is freedom of expression. I believe that artists in some way have the right to freedom of artistic expression and we should not be deprived of it”said in an interview with the newspaper El Popular

“It’s good that this topic is being talked about because with the topic of Paisana Jacinta, no one supported me. Everyone turned their back on me and now these things happen and I hope freedom of expression is respected.”he added.

It should be remembered that her faithful character “La Paisana Jacinta” was removed from Peruvian television after the Superior Court of Justice of Cusco ratified the order for Latina TV to suspend the broadcast after six years of legal struggle, since it was argued that the program constitutes an offense and a racist attack on the dignity of indigenous Andean women.

Carlos Álvarez imitated the first lady Lilia Paredes on Canal N.


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Jorge Benavides assures that Magaly Medina is happy with her imitation of ‘Mascaly’: “She likes it a lot”