Jorge Pabón, “Molusco”: “I thought I was the owner of the media”

Unlearn is a verb that the announcer has had to incorporate almost daily Jorge Pabón, “Mollusk” every time he is the protagonist of a controversy for any of his expressions or his actions.

The radio talent of “Mollusk and the Kings of the Point” de La Mega (106.9 FM) is not afraid to admit his mistakes and learn from the process even though he is aware that his figure in traditional and digital media is polarizing. Mollusk is either loved or hated.

This process is what makes him affirm that Jorge increasingly takes over the microphone, separating himself from the character of “Molusco” created more than three decades ago.

“Today I can say that I am more Jorge than Mollusco. Many times in conversations he spoke of Mollusco in the third person as a product. Before, it was Mollusco 24/7, because Mollusco seized Jorge and couldn’t get out. It was all arrogance. He was very arrogant and I thought he owned the media. I was in a movie and for me it was normal because I was the number one influencer and people may be finishing you off but the numbers don’t lie. On radio number one, people go to plays, stands up comedy people go… on tour in the United States and one begins to believe it, but you grow and mature, although I have hints of immaturity for to be able to have fun in this medium. But yes. It separated me a lot from what Mollusco is and I analyze things more and try to hurt less,” said Pabón from his office in Bayamón, a center that operates with more than 15 employees from where he in turn records most of the interviews he conducts for his YouTube channel Mollusk TV.

Precisely much of the criticism that Pabón receives is due to some questions or comments that he makes when conducting interviews on the channel that Mollusco TV, which has more than 1.8 million subscribers, or from the radio booth that he shares with Ali Warrington, Pamela Noa, and Robert Fantacuca. The content creator, as is often described, admitted that the age and situations in which he has been involved have made him mature.

Pabón does not remember all the “blunders I have made”, however, he explained that “sometimes one says things that are not bad and suddenly someone looks for the bad”. He admitted that he still needs to improve and learn a lot.

I don’t see it with that intention, I keep learning, I don’t refuse to keep learning instead of getting upset. It used to bother me. I used to react very badly even to an interview like this. He reacted super or annoyed and with arrogance. Now what I try is to analyze the situation of the comment I made. I say, well, let me find the bad and talked to other people to help me. I used to do a lot of things that were wrong. They were terrible. But when controversies happen it is part of the dynamic. I don’t sharpen everything, I don’t make a video of all the controversies. There are controversies that stay there and I just learn from them. I still learned that they can make four videos against me and they destroy me for two weeks and then we continue”, mentioned the artist who Julio considered leaving the radio, after the management of SBS Puerto Rico suspended him and the rest of the his colleagues from “Molusco y los Reyes de la Punta” of employment and salary for a week.

Pabón returned to work at the radio booth and, as he specified, the event has been transparent and it has turned the page. He said that he does not hold a grudge and that his relationship with the entire management of SBS is excellent.

In the same way, the producer also clarified that La Mega has never censored him or turned off the microphone, but there are “many politicians who call the station to tell me to shut up and that will not happen, because they will not shut me up.” For now, he sees himself working in radio for many years, a medium that has fed him for decades and that he performs masterfully.

He would leave the channel to his family

Pabón’s reach from social media and radio has allowed him to diversify into theater, film, and other media. However, when asked what he aspires to professionally, his immediate answer is the growth of his YouTube channel.

Pabón announced that he wants to leave the channel to his family in the future. “This is the biggest project and I want that when I die they can continue it because it’s mine.”

In that case, do you see your son or daughter continuing the project? asked El Nuevo Día.

“It can be my son, my daughter or other talents that are here,” he assured.

Seven functions all sold

Pabón is this weekend in full staging of the Puerto Rican parody of the Netflix series “Squid Game”, “El Juego Del Cab#8n” at the Caguas Fine Arts Center. The comedy written and directed by Carlos Vega It has not been suspended for the moment due to the proximity of the storm Fiona by Puerto Rico.

Mollusco, who exhibits a drastic physical change after his bariatric operation, reported on his radio program that they would be attentive to the weather bulletins to make a determination.

The production premiered last weekend. Jasond Calderón, Alejandro Gil, Ali Warrington, Robert “Fantacuca” Maldonado, Danilo Beauchamp, Norwill Fragoso, Naymed Calzada, Shun Ming Lu Cen, Carlos Vega, and Pabón make up the parody whose theme revolves around politicians and local situations. From the first weekend he commented that the reception was extraordinary and the audience enjoyed it in quantity.

In his opinion, the entire cast excelled, but his favorites were Jasond Calderón and Alejandro Gil.

Jorge Pabón, “Molusco”: “I thought I was the owner of the media”