Joshua Kimmich, Bayern Munich’s (good) jack of all trades —

A saving cannon shot signed Kimmich

Bayern Munich did not start the year 2023 in the best way. Nagelsmann’s men have had a string of draws since the resumption of the Bundesliga. The first against Leipzig is understandable given the context of the return to competition and the opponent. The second did more task since it was a home match against Cologne, tenth in the standings. Bayern conceded a goal early and thought they would suffer their second defeat of the season. It was without counting on a cannon shot from his maestro.

In the 90th minute, Joshua Kimmich, served by Upamecano, did not hesitate when firing a missile from 35 meters. His strike left no chance for Schwäbe, and allowed his team to clinch a point. A memorable goal for a player not used to scoring a lot in a season, but who undeniably marks his team with his qualities. After it was made, Kimmich celebrated Rashford style, index finger to temple. A symbolic gesture for a player accustomed to playing with both his head and his feet.

The versatile hub

Joshua Kimmich had to wait to be where he is today. The former defector from Leipzig, who arrived in Bavaria in the summer of 2015, quickly played with Pep Guardiola. However, the Catalan technician used it in different sauces. Sometimes in the middle, but also a lot in defense, in the axis and particularly on the right. It was in this position that Kimmich helped out before playing there a lot. A repositioning that could have disturbed him, but which nevertheless allowed him to learn. In 2018, two years after Guardiola’s departure, his former player was full of praise for him.

He told me what he saw in me, what he liked in my game” Kimmich said in comments relayed by the team. He told me what I could improve and what positions I could play in addition to defensive midfielder.”. A position that he eventually found again with the following coaches. His blossoming really took place with Niko Kovac then Hansi Flick. The latter made Bayern an impressive offensive and defensive armada. Kimmich was the center point. A sentry capable of orienting, recovering and distributing with impressive pace and quality. A native of Rotweil, which gave its name to the Rotweilliers dog breed, Kimmich is also a physical player and of great self-sacrifice. .

Joshua Kimmich has been through almost everything at Bayern (Icon Sport)

Chasing the ghosts of the past

Framework of Bayern Munich, Joshua Kimmich has won everything at the club, like many of his teammates. Things in selection are quite different. Winner of Euro U19 in 2014, the Munich resident was not a victorious Mannschaft World Cup winner the same year. The following editions did not have the same success since Germany was taken out of the pools in 2018 and recently in 2022. A failure which particularly affected the German environment. Semi-finalist of Euro 2016 (and in eighth in 2020), Germany will host Euro 2024. An opportunity to win a trophy with the A, currently still coached by Hansi Flick.

Kimmich, however, retains ambitions at all levels. A philosophy that can play tricks on him, especially in his speeches. Two years ago, during the C1 quarter-final confrontation between PSG and Bayern, Kimmich said on Bayern’s official website: “We are the best team, I am convinced that we will pass.“Words which did not fall on deaf ears and which motivated the Parisian locker room, which obtained its qualification.

Kimmich has occasionally shown arrogance in other statements. A character trait that is also part of what the Bavarian number 6 is: the metronome of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Joshua Kimmich, Bayern Munich’s (good) jack of all trades —