Jossmery Toledo: JB on ATV prepares a funny sketch of his incident with a well

JB at ATV will perform a parody of the Jossmery Toledo scandal with LATAM Airlines. (Photo: Composition)

Jossmery Toledo She experienced one of the most tense moments -and also the most embarrassing- of her life when she was taken off a LATAM Airlines plane amid insults. Jorge Benavidez did not sit idly by and worked with the comedians of JB on ATV to enlist a hilarious parody, airing this Saturday, July 2.

Through the social networks of the Peruvian comedian, the first images of the sketch were presented, where you can see Danny Rosales playing one of the passengers who yelled at the current competitor of Esto es Guerra to get off the flight so as not to delay it any longer.

“I am a lady who was on the plane. I am a witness to what this lady did. She didn’t want to get off, you didn’t want to get off! Did you know? Go to the f…”, expressed the actor characterized from head to toe as one of the passengers.

For her part, Gabriela Serpa surprised users by being in charge of parodying Jossmery Toledoso he had to wear a large prosthesis on his forehead to make it look more prominent. “Ma’am, you are a brat. She is a brat! You can’t talk to me like that, brat.”he said in clear imitation of the former PNP third-rank non-commissioned officer.

JB at ATV prepares a funny sketch of the Jossmery Toledo incident with a well-known airline | VIDEO: Instagram/@jbjorgebenavides

In the comment box of the post, netizens congratulated the ATV show for parodying the latest Chollywood events. “Igualitas!”, “This Saturday I won’t miss it”, “Good! This was unmissable”were some of the phrases left by users.

The parody of the Jossmery Toledo incident will air this Saturday July 2 from 8:30 pm and by the ATV sign.


The former non-commissioned officer of the PNP, Jossmery Toledo, was lowered from a plane that was heading from Chiclayo to Lima. In the images released by Instarándula, she can be seen that a flight attendant asks her to leave while the passengers, upset by the 5-hour delay, demand that she do so immediately.

After a wave of insults, the reality girl had no choice but to get off the plane. Shortly after, she spoke out through her Instagram stories to denounce that the airline had unfairly lowered her. According to what she said, the whole mess started because a worker asked her to put on the bag that she had on her legs, to which she put it on her back..

“I don’t know what kind of deal they have. She went to complain to the crew member, the policeman comes and makes a scandal out of me so that I get off as if I were a spoiled brat. I do not understand the service, I am very upset because for me it is an abuse”, he sentenced.

Jossmery Toledo denounces abuse in a Peruvian airline. (Video: Instagram)

After that, the worker would have gone to the main crew member to make the complaint. At that time, a joint team came to ask him to retire. Faced with the refusal of the former reality show, the passengers on the flight pressured Jossmery to get off the plane.

For its part, LATAM Airlines noted in a statement that Jossmery was removed because did not comply with the safety regulations established by the airline, which specifies that people seated in the emergency exit must have free passage during the entire flight.

“We had to be forced to disembark from flight LA2279, which operated on the Chiclayo – Lima route, the passenger Jossmery Toledo who was sitting in the emergency exit and repeatedly refused to comply with the safety regulations that apply to that rowindicates the document, where it is highlighted: “We strive for safe flights.”


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Jossmery Toledo: JB on ATV prepares a funny sketch of his incident with a well-known airline