Katia Follesa, check the shot of the past: how it was and how it is

Katia Follesa took a dive into the past. In fact, a shot from many years ago appeared on the web in which the still very young presenter appears. Time has passed since that photo and things have changed. Have you ever seen what Katia Follesa was like before the success? Here is the photo in question.

One of the most loved and likeable actresses, but also conductors in the world of entertainment. Her presence on every occasion is guaranteed laughter: Katia Follesa is always ready for a joke. Have you ever seen a shot of the actress as a young girl? The presenter takes a dip in the past and publishes the photo of her that dates back to before her success. This is how she was and how she became her.

Katia Follesa, photo Ansa – VelvetGossip

Today she is one of the most popular Italian actresses and presenters on the small and big screen, but Katia Follesa’s career began much earlier. Her notoriety for the comedienne began thanks to her participation in Zeligwhere together with her friend Valeria Grace was a parody of Men and women. His “good, good, good“, which in a short time went viral on social networks and also among young people. There was also a young man with them Claudio Bisio in the role of Claudiano, the tronista in question. It is a pity that the friendship with Graci did not last long and for a long time the two did not even speak to each other, until today they have a purely professional and civil relationship. However, Katia Follesa’s career continued, despite everything, and led her to become the successful woman which is today. In fact, she continued to act in films on the small and big screen, up to expanding her skills and becoming a presenter of Junior Bake Off And Cake Star.

Katia Follesa takes a dive into the past: the photo at 18 years old

In recent years Katia Follesa has been busy filming Social Family and also participated in Lol – Whoever laughs is outthe reality show aired on Amazon Prime which achieved record results. The comedy reached the the final, but the laughter then took over. In short, today the actress is very well known nationwide. But who remembers what Katia Follesa was like before her success? Perhaps none because of her shots of her as a young woman on social media are scarce. But just the person concerned recently shared a photo of her when she had 18 years.

Katia Follesa as a young woman
Katia Follesa, Instagram photo – VelvetGossip

Hair strictly blondebut maybe a little longer, but her face is today’s, perhaps with a few less signs of aging. The same look ironic and cheeky that still distinguishes it today and that made him forge his character. “18 years! Promoted and promised!“, the actress wrote in the caption that accompanies the shot, without ever putting aside her irony. Time has passed, but her sympathy has always been distinguishable among all her other peers. And above all for his determinationtoday she managed to achieve really important results for her career.

Katia Follesa, check the shot of the past: how it was and how it is – Velvet Gossip