Kindai X Orès: Mastery from A to Z of brands speaking out on social media

Founded in 2013, Kindai is an agency specializing in social media strategy, influence and brand activation. The agency was born with the idea of ​​being able to create sustainable and creative Social Media Strategies for brands, always one step ahead.

Today, Kindai opens a new page in its history by integrating the creative agency Orès.

Meeting with Nicolas Lanter and Aurélien Fouache, the founders of Kindai.

Nicolas Lanter and Aurelien Fouache

What makes Kindai strong?

Kindai is an agency that has always been a prescriber of social media trends. In 2014, and as Instagram began to emerge in the mainstream, advertisers had no idea how to communicate on the platform. We then deciphered its codes and trends. It was a profession that did not exist and that we had to invent.

Our strength and our expertise is to be constantly on the lookout. Thus today, it is Tiktok that mobilizes the attention of brands. Tiktok has its own codes, its aesthetics, which are neither those of Instagram nor those of Facebook. We must therefore rethink communication on social networks. Our strength is there, in knowing the specificity of the content to be produced in order to stick as closely as possible to consumer expectations. But also knowing how to spot trends. This requires being reactive to THE ephemeral trend of the moment (a challenge, a song, etc.) on which to bounce back almost instantly with snack content. And our client portfolio speaks for itself and attests to our expertise with prestigious brands such as the Ferrero group, McCain, Innocent, SNCF Connect…

kindai and ores logo

Today, why choose to join Orès, what are your ambitions ?

Structures have been approaching us for several years. But for us, joining forces is first and foremost a human adventure, and so far the feat hasn’t passed. Vincent Klingbeil, the founder of European Digital Group, which Orès joined in early 2021, had the right intuition by introducing us to Thomas Bevilacqua and Nicolas Guittard.

During our first video meeting, the desire to work together was obvious. Same age, same background, and just like Aurélien and I who founded Kindai: they are two childhood friends linked by the practice of skateboarding. It is not insignificant. Skateboarding is not just a street sport, it is also and above all a culture, and values ​​that are found in entrepreneurship. That is to say the creative side, getting by, and then of course taking risks. This forms you a character, and a sense of reality. When visiting the premises of Orès Lille, one of the first things you see is the skate ramp! (laughs).

Partnering with Orès and thus joining the EDG group, which today brings together more than 15 ultra-specialists in each digital sector, means playing on complementarity, there is a meaningful win-win synergy and beautiful 360 projects. ° to develop together. Projects we couldn’t have done on our own…

It will also allow us to control from A to Z the chain of brand statements in social media. From strategic and creative thinking to content creation with the integrated agency 140 studio, to community management, and influence, we will cover the entire spectrum of digital communication.

Hence the importance of having by our side a structure like 140 studio with which we will produce content snacks almost directly to follow the flow, and meet the expectations of our now common customers…

Kindai X Orès: Mastery from A to Z of brands speaking out on social media – Forbes France