Kitchen / Practical. For the holidays, dare to have beer at the table

Fruit of the brewer’s creativity, the beers can be adapted to a dish. They are not (or very little) dependent on climatic hazards. Finally, the 33 cl container allows you to taste a wider range.

The fundamentals

To put it simply, beer results from the fermentation of a mixture of water, malt (mainly barley, more rarely wheat for white beers for those who don’t like bitterness), hops and yeast. Depending on fermentation, beers fall into three styles. Lagers, fermented at low temperatures, represent some 90% of production. At high temperature, you get the ales which cover in particular the pale ale, india pale ale (IPA), gueuze, stout, double or other triple. Here we cross the realm of craft beers. Rarer, very acidic, lambics result from spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts.

our selection

For those who prefer foam to tannins, the daring who want to surprise themselves, here are the food and beer pairing tips suggested by the brewers we have selected, from north to south, in our regions.

Brasserie Bisaiguë, a must in the Alsatian region.

Alsace: Bisaiguë Brewery in Kaysersberg

Josselin Saint-Raymond and Thibaut Ancel offer a range of 20 beers (from €3.50 to €3.90 / 33 cl), white blondes or IPA, which openly refer to the world of wine, with a real gastronomic identity. These foams are produced with organic Alsatian hops and malt from the Grand Est.

We tasted an autumn amber with maple syrup and chestnut syrup (to drink with a dessert), a peaty amber which goes well with grilled meat and a stout with a milky character, a black beer which will accompany ideally a powerful roast meat with full-bodied jus. A favorite of the hachette guide, “La Cobar” (scorched earth in aboriginal) is a smoked red beer with passion fruit to drink on an exotic fruit log or a chocolate cake. Christmas beer lovers will uncap a rousse with blackberry purée and crémant fir bud. Between these different beers, rinse your palate with Kaeffer Beer, an IPA more pronounced in malt and hops.

Florent and Amélie Bacquet, winners of the Lyon competition in 2021. Photo Virginie Boutin

Florent and Amélie Bacquet, winners of the Lyon competition in 2021. Photo Virginie Boutin

Eure-et-Loire: Bacquet Brewery in Pierres

This micro-brewery, created by Florent Bacquet, won the trophy for the best beer in all categories and all countries combined at the Lyon international competition in 2021 for its “Cocon”, a white beer to be served with a citrus or gizzard salad. , or even a tomme de brebis. Enough to draw the attention of our taste buds to these long-keeping beers produced only with water, malt, hops and yeasts (€3.85 / 33cl). Beers that can accompany an entire meal. A word from a former chef!

“La just toi et moi”, a low-fermented blonde with a floral and slightly lemony character, will accompany a platter of milky oysters, but also a Viennese veal cutlet with lemon juice or apple fritters. “Absolute Magnitude”, an amber beer with caramelized barley malt, will echo foie gras, “American-style” monkfish or a washed-rind cheese such as Époisses. With its musky and animal notes, dried fruits and undergrowth, the brown “False fur” will spice up a cep velouté, game or blue-veined cheese, such as Roquefort or gorgonzola.

Malt beer, between blond and amber “Secret 14” is ideal for this winter on a brioche sausage, a cheese of abundance or a brioche of the kings. Dark-haired lovers will prefer “Invitation de madame” with rack of lamb or chocolate mousse.

Burgundy: Belenium Brewery in Beaune

You have to have a certain nerve to set up a micro-brewery in the kingdom of great Burgundy. Belenium did it! The Beaune brewery offers 7 beers at €2.80 / 33 cl. We tasted three classics. The blonde stands out with lemony notes and a spicy touch. Very refreshing, the white blossoms in the same register. Amber seduces with its more exotic character and its lime fragrances.

Sylvain Chiron, founder of the Mont Blanc brewery, is a regular on the podiums.

Sylvain Chiron, founder of the Mont Blanc brewery, is a regular on the podiums.

Pays de Savoie: Mont Blanc brewery in La Motte-Servolex

The end-of-year celebrations often rhyme with winter sports. So why not combine après-ski dinners with local beers like those offered by the Brasserie du Mont Blanc since 1999. Several times winner of the prestigious World Beer Awards, Sylvain Chiron is used to the podiums for his beers brewed with the glacier water from the famous peak. Here are three from a range of twenty beers (€4.50 / 50 cl)

With its citrus notes and spicy finish, “La Blanche” (wheat, coriander and orange peel) will accompany a Savoyard fondue. “La Rousse”, an amber beer made from a blend of 3 malts, will refresh a tartiflette or a croziflette. For dessert, discover “La Verte”, a genepi beer that will seduce you with its herbaceous nose, its menthol notes on the palate and a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.

Drôme: The Valentinoise in Valence

Created by Cyril Faure in 2018, La Valentinoise serves 100% organic beers in cans, “for a better ecological footprint and easier access throughout France”. The Valentinoise brewery produces ephemeral (20 to 30 recipes per year) and original beers that you will find at specialist wine shops.

We tasted three beers from the Monochrome range (3.50 to 4.50€ / 33 cl): an apricot/lavender Sour, a Berlinerweiss with raspberry-hibiscus-ginger mint and a Verbena Triple, of these beers with highest alcohol content historically brewed in monasteries. Really very interesting. To drink simply, without looking for too sophisticated combinations. The same goes for the Muscat Hybrid from the Blue Donkey Brewery range. Pleasant surprise.

Vaucluse: Brasserie du Ventoux in Carpentras

We have already told you about this brewery, founded in 2015, whose beers refer to the famous Mt. For this winter, we have chosen “Altitude 1650, la Tête de la Grave”, a sweet and spicy amber, with an alcohol content of 8%. An organic foam, ideal for a hug after exercise on the slopes (5€).

Kitchen / Practical. For the holidays, dare to have beer at the table