Kun Agüero and Ibai Llanos launch a controversial parody of Shakira’s song

One of the topics of the moment around the world is the new song that Shakira launched with a letter clearly oriented to his dramatic separation from Gerard Piqué. And those who published a kind of parody of the subject were Sergio Aguero and Ibai Llanos.

In the video you can see the Kun glued to the microphone, while the streamer is in the background also doing some dances. This generated certain comments on social networks. There was even talk of the Argentine’s disloyalty towards the Spanish defender.

The Colombian hit with bizarre on the Session #53 It was a rage across the planet. As soon as it came out, it broke all kinds of records on music platforms and continues to add views as the hours and days go by.


The video of Kun and Ibai.

Twitter Ibai Llanos.

In any case, we must not forget that Agüero and Piqué came to share a dressing room in Barcelona, ​​as well as now the defender is an organizer of the Kings League, in which both the former Ibai Llanos striker The viral reaction of Ibai Llanos when Kun Agüero missed a decisive penalty like Ibai have their own teams and they just faced each other last weekend.

This fueled other versions on social networks in which it was speculated that the mockery of both in the video was towards Shakira for not forgetting the separation from her ex-partner.

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The fortune that Shakira wins with the song

“Women no longer cry, women bill”, says a part of the song, to which she puts a lot of emphasis to make it clear that she is an entity by herself. It is that she, at 45 years old, has had innumerable successes and she is one of the most recognized singers worldwide.

The place Social Bladespecialized in statistics, estimates that the video could have already collected between 14,000 and 115 million euros. Of course, to these numbers we must add the profits obtained on music streaming platforms.

Meanwhile, Digital Music News publishes that each artist receives between 0.0028 and 0.0046 euros for each playback on Spotify, where the song has already been heard more than 42 million times. So Shakira It could already have invoiced more than 170,000 euros.

Around her almost 20-year career, the one from Barranquilla reaped a very successful career in which she has won more than 400 awards and sold more than 60 million albums.

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The trolling of Ibai Llanos to Kun Agüero

Sergio Aguero He returned to play football after retiring due to health problems and did so in the Kings League representing kunisports. Right on his return he faced the team he put together I was going Llanos.

In the second half, he received an aerial pass, controlled it, fought it off with a rival and finally smashed a powerful left-footed shot into the goalkeeper’s right post. He celebrated with his team and quickly went to a corner to look at Ibai and make the celebration Mole Giggio. Everything was laughing.

The moment in which Kun missed his penalty.

The moment in which Kun missed his penalty.

kings league

That was the goal for the 2-2 and that’s how the match ended, so the three points were defined in the Australian penalties, that is, with a race until they were hand in hand with the goalkeeper and there they defined.

He had to kick the fifth penalty. He advanced and when he came face to face he finished at the right post, but the ball hit the post and went wide. That was the moment of revenge for Ibai, who lost control with a wild celebration. Later, a rival player converted and Kun’s team lost.

Kun Agüero and Ibai Llanos launch a controversial parody of Shakira’s song