‘La casica del crespillo’, the Lorca short that parodies the series ‘The paper house’

LORCA. It is important to assign good code names when preparing a great coup (and thus preserve the identity of those involved), as was already in charge of showing the film Reservoir Dogs and, more recently, a popular Netflix series. But everything has its context and must be done in its proper measure. That’s why in the short The Casica del Crespillo. Lorca parody of La casa de papelthe characters are not known by world capitals or colors, but by districts of Lorca such as La Hoya, La Parroquia, Virgen de las Huertas, Puente Pasico, La Pulgara, Cazalla, Altobordo and Almendricos.

This humorous short film – the work of Lorca Jaime García García (Jaime er Jipy) and Isabel Moreno Martínez (Isabella Winder Art) with the company of Comedies– is one of the fourteen works that will be screened in the film competitionA Short Distance’ of Lorca the days November 16 and 17 in the theater war. It will not be the only title of these creators in the festival that seeks to show the cinematographic talent of the municipality, since it will also be possible to see another of their shorts, called Bolnuevo Holidays.

The Casica del Crespillo ‘lorquiniza’ the plot of the famous series, as its name indicates, the objective of the motley group being to rob a factory that makes this traditional product. “Crespillos a pajera!” They exclaim excitedly. To do this, they are being instructed by a Professor, who sees them and wants them to designate the name of a district. “Yo, why Villaespesa? Are you calling me fat?” asks one; “What about Escarihuela is second to none?” Says another, sniffing his armpit. “I want to be Doña Inés”, proposes a third with the air of a lady, while her companion opts for La Francisca; “She will be La Paca”, they correct him. The situation becomes even more complicated when someone asks for Águilas, thinking that she is in Lorca. “No, that was Puerto Lumbreras, but it became independent,” they point out.

“I can’t, I have to get the Virgen de la Soledad out,” doubts one of the robbers, in one of the many references to Lorca’s ‘things’, to the way he speaks and to some of his most popular places and characters. “We will do it on Good Friday, because with so many cries of whites and blues we will go unnoticed,” says the Professor, who thinks that nothing can go wrong. He does not count on the fact that ‘La Hoya’ cannot eat crespillos because she is celiac, nor ‘La Parroquia’, because she is allergic to gluten… and that, ultimately, that group is not capable of stealing even a paparajote .

Mystery in Bolnuevo

The second short by Jaime er Jipy and Isabella Winder Art that will be screened in the Lorca contest is Bolnuevo Holidays, made in the IV Edition of Mazarrón Film Survival and made in 45 hours. By lottery, they got the horror genre, in La Ciudad Encantada (Gredas de Bolnuevo) and with the conditions that a salt shaker and a mask came out. They were inspired for it in the legend of the Virgin of the Miracle.

On this occasion, the film tells how two friends are having an aperitif in this privileged enclave where they are enjoying a well-deserved rest. They comment with admiration on everything that surrounds them… until a table neighbor joins the conversation to tell them a story about the Enchanted City that will not let them sleep.

‘La casica del crespillo’, the Lorca short that parodies the series ‘The paper house’