La Colorada, La Feminista and Don Tuti: liquor is the protagonist of the first days of the electoral campaign | Politics | News

The allusion to the drink is present in the proselytizing campaign of some candidates for the Mayor of Guayaquil and Quito, as well as the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS). The electoral promotion period started on January 3 and will end on February 2. The elections will be on the 5th of the same month.

Thus, days ago, the candidate for the Mayor’s Office of Quito for the Sociedad Patriotica-Democracia Sí alliance (lists 3-20), Andrés Páez, posted a video on his TikTok account in which he is shown with a glass of beer saying: “Like anyone, like most, but they can never call me a thief.” This was a response to messages on social networks that indicated that he is “drunk”, something that he has denied.

“He just needs to distribute the connecting rod.” With that tweet, meanwhile, the candidate for mayor of Guayaquil for the Citizen Revolution movement (RC, list 5), Aquiles Álvarez, sarcastically questioned days ago some of the campaign proposals of the current mayor, Cynthia Viteri, who is running for re-election under the umbrella of the Social Cristiano-Madera de Guerrero Party (PSC-MG, lists 6-75).

And she responded by doing it. “Someone suggested we make beer. Take your beer ”, she posted on Twitter with a photo of a can of craft beer called La Colorada, which is what her closest family and friends call it.

“Let’s toast because they are leaving,” another candidate for mayor of the canton also stated on Twitter, Pedro Pablo Duart, from the United Society More Action movement (SUMA, list 23).

The beer cans, according to Viteri collaborators, are promotional items for the campaign that were donated by the manufacturer —an artisanal entrepreneur who prefers to keep in reserve— and a creative team from Guayaquil. A first batch of 2,500 came out, but they could reach 5,000.

“The idea arose from a message from a mayoral candidate who said that Cynthia Viteri only needed to give away beer. Her campaign team embodied the idea, ”they noted.

The drink will not be sold to the public. It will be distributed among some friends, journalists, influencers and in some proselytizing tours. But the product already has an account on Twitter, Instagram and even a website.

Don Tuti is the brand of wine exhibited on social networks by the candidate for Mayor of Guayaquil Iván Tutillo. Photo Courtesy

Another candidate for mayor of Guayaquil, Iván Tutillo, from Renovación (list 61), He has posted photos of bottles of red wine called Don Tuti on his social networks, with the slogan “A wine with the flavor of triumph. For a safe Guayaquil, full of peace and prosperity.

Along the same lines, the candidate for the CPCCS Pamela Troya He also tweeted a photo of a beer can in which his face and his brand appear: La Feminista. “Since some are throwing beers and others are drinking them, here I bring you mine,” she wrote.

Troya commented to this newspaper that it is a parody. “There is no beer. I found it funny to put that image about Cynthia bringing out that beer, La Colorada, or that Andrés Páez mentions that he may be half a sucker but he’s not a thief. So, since politicians are, for some strange reason, into this beer-bragging vibe, it seemed appropriate to do this parody. There is an application that puts your photo and the logo (which we did) on whatever you want. It’s a parody… although it would be cool to have my own beer,” she says with a laugh. (YO)

La Colorada, La Feminista and Don Tuti: liquor is the protagonist of the first days of the electoral campaign | Politics | News