La Grande Ourse Montérégie will open its doors in January

November 21, 2022

First home dedicated to survivors of sexual assault and violence in Quebec

La Grande Ourse Montérégie will open its doors in January

By: Alexandre Brouillard

In the boxes for more than two years, La Maison la Grande Ourse Montérégie will officially open its doors in January 2023 in Saint-Ours. This will be the first home in Quebec dedicated exclusively to survivors of sexual assault and violence.

The executive director of the new organization, Sylvain Dupuis, is delighted with the imminent opening of the Big Dipper. “The Maison la Grande Ourse Montérégie is part of the desire to support victims by offering therapy centered on intersectional feminist intervention,” explains the man who is also the general manager of La Traversée and mayor of Saint- Bear.

La Maison la Grande Ourse and La Traversée crisis and suicide prevention center have joined forces to develop this new house, which will be located at 2584, rue Immaculée-Conception, in Saint-Ours. “The two organizations will work together. […] They will be independent, but will obviously have twinnings, at the level of the telephone line for example. […] We will become a super good competent structure to support people, ”explains Mr. Dupuis.

The new organization’s mission will be to offer personalized therapy services to the specific needs of women survivors of one or more sexual assaults or violence. According to the organization, its mission will respond to a worrying need in our society, when the frequency of these types of violence will reach one in three women during her lifetime. Remember that the region has been affected by two feminicides in the last 18 months.

The Maison la Grande Ourse Montérégie is also committed to offering its services in a calm, family atmosphere and in a spirit of solidarity for women in order to promote their well-being, increase their sense of security and break their social isolation. The goal is to welcome 10 women at a time.

Sylvain Dupuis points out that the new organization already has the expertise of the workers from La Traversée and the two initiators of the project, namely Camille Cossette (sexologist) and Céline Dufour (clinical coordinator). While costs will be attached to the services offered by the organization, the executive director ensures that the objective will be to reduce as much as possible the financial impact on the women who will frequent the organization.

Nathalie Simard, sponsor of the organization

Quebec singer Nathalie Simard will act as godmother of La Grande Ourse. “Today is a great day for me,” she said with emotion. This House is so important to me. […] I will not only act as spokesperson, which for me is a little more impersonal term, but also as godmother. »

Citing her tumultuous personal journey, Ms. Simard confided that she would have liked to have had the help of such a house in the past. “An organization that would have protected me like a mother bear who protects her grandchildren. […] A two-week therapy at the Maison Grande Ourse, I strongly and sincerely believe that it will give back the wings to these women whose wings have been cut off from their earliest childhood, ”says the 53-year-old woman.

According to Ms. Simard, the Big Dipper will be an indispensable tool for healing and prevention so that women can finally regain their power by denouncing and seeking help. “The important thing is to break the isolation that kills,” she concludes.

To contribute to the realization of the project or to obtain more information, you can consult the website or the Maison’s Facebook page. A 24/7 toll-free number is already in operation: 1-855 VIVANTE (848-2683).

La Grande Ourse Montérégie will open its doors in January