‘La rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of ‘Me chimba meet you’

During the last days, the Mexican program the rose of guadeloupe It has been a trend in Colombia due to the performance of Ana Sofía Girmont in one of the episodes, which showed the life of a Colombian girl who arrived in Mexico, along with her family, and who suffered xenophobia from her schoolmates.

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In social networks, a whole controversy was generated with multiple ridicules due to the recent chapter of La rosa de Guadalupe that showed some supposed Colombian expressions.

Photo: Courtesy La Rosa de Guadalupe – Courtesy La Rosa de Guadalupe

The criticism was given because the actress wanted to imitate the accent and some Colombian expressions, but they did not turn out as expected. For many, the phrases that she said, supposedly original from Colombia, have never been used in the coffee country. The one that generated the most controversy was: “It’s great to meet you.” Some netizens claimed that it was exaggerated and misused.

This is how the parody song of ‘Me Chimba Meet You’ sounds

This phrase became so viral on social networks that it even served as memes, even, there is already a parody, with the rhythm of guaracha, which is a sensation on TikTok. Although it does not have extensive lyrics, in the few seconds that they were published, they compiled some of the other phrases that were controversial in the chapter, for example: “you so tiresome”, “you are a firecracker”, and “I had to leave my little keys”.

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The actress who played the Colombian in that episode of the rose of Guadeloupe, reposted the video where he wrote: “the” Guaracha “for the end of the Colombian year the girl who went viral”.

Of course, the comments did not wait: “My little key too”, “how nice that you take it with humor”, “I would love to meet you hahaha, Good performance”, “You should come to see Colombia”, “how nice that you take things so well”, “I I love that you took it with humor.”

The actress who played the girl’s mother appeared on her social networks explaining why they made that accent that way. “I know there has been quite a bit of controversy. However, that means they are watching us. We like it a lot. The production of ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ does an incredible job, He really did the research to make this case. She is not Colombian and she took the trouble to study it and to make a Colombian character that she had never done. The production said ‘well it’s fine, they’re seeing it and that’s what matters’”.

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For now, the 12-year-old girl has not referred to it, the truth is that thanks to this situation, her name has been a trend not only in Mexico, but also in Colombia and in other Latin American countries.

‘La rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of ‘Me chimba meet you’