• 1 A team of nine specialized gendarmes

  • They are based in Lamballe, Pléneuf-Val-André, Loudéac, Quintin, Merdrignac or Châtelaudren: since September 2021, a team of nine gendarmes, backed by the Saint-Brieuc research brigade, has specialized in violence against sexual character. The mission of this unit against attacks on persons (Clap): receive and interview the victims, then conduct the investigation. “Today, the brigades continue to manage intra-family physical violence, but they are completely relieved of cases of a sexual nature, which are all handled by the Clap. This allows better support for victims and investigations go much faster: the procedure lasts an average of three months. Previously, it was three or four times more”, explains Lieutenant Sylvain Beutier, commander of the Lamballe brigade.

  • 2 More and more business to deal with

  • Dressed in civilian clothes “to reassure the victims”, these nine soldiers collect complaints, refer complainants to social services or associations, interview witnesses, hear suspects in police custody… and are increasingly called upon. “There are no more facts than before. But speech is free. This highlights this type of offence”, specifies Commander Beutier. “The number of files is exploding”, confirms Warrant Officer Frédéric Rocton, one of the nine gendarmes of La Clap, based in Pléneuf-Val-André. The extension of the limitation period for sexual crimes, now set at thirty years from the age of majority, also contributes, according to the two soldiers, to the increase in the number of complaints. “A person who suffered sexual violence at the age of 7 or 8 can now file a complaint until the age of 48. The evolution of the law goes in the direction of the victims”, notes with satisfaction the lieutenant Sylvain Beutier.

  • 3 The notion of consent among the youngest: a major problem

  • “Most often, the people who come to us are not looking for criminal sanctions for their attackers. Above all, they want to be recognized as victims. And in the vast majority of cases, the facts denounced are proven, ”says Lieutenant Sylvain Beutier. Another observation drawn up by the gendarmes: the number of attacks perpetrated in the school environment. “There is a big education problem. Underage boys sometimes don’t understand consent at all. A girl who says a small no or does not express herself because she is afraid, they think that means yes. The phenomenon is emerging more and more”, warns Warrant Officer Rocton who adds: “However, the vast majority of cases take place within the family. Most often, these are rapes of minors, in underprivileged environments, where there are alcohol or drug problems”.

    Victims of domestic or sexual violence can contact the Lamballe-Armor gendarmerie on 02 96 31 00 17, but also the digital brigade on the Internet or via the my security application to exchange with an investigator 24/7. d/7.

Lamballe-Armor – Sexual violence: a special cell in the gendarmes of the Lamballe country