LaVeyan Satanism, doctrine of hedonism and libertinism

The antithesis of Satanism

Satanism has questionable stories and myths behind it, which most often have betrayed its spirit. Catherine de’ Mediciwife of Henry II of Valoisat the time he organized a black mass in order to cure his son (Charles IX of France) suffering from a bad disease. With her due accomplices, the queen slaughtered a child and tried to get in touch with the devil.

At the court of Louis XIVforerunner of the Ancien Régime, Catherine Deshayes (La Voisin) used to celebrate satanic rites, in which the participants were induced to drink sperm and menstrual blood. The bodies of naked women, specifically, served as an altar. Black masses concluded with the sacrifice of a child or with an orgy.

The Laveyan Satanismhowever, is another story.

Laveyan Satanism

The devil is nothing other than the personification of repressed unconscious instinctual life.” (Sigmund Freud) For followers of LaVey, Satan is a literary inventionthe emblem of individualism, a metaphor that embodies the figure of the nonconformist a proud figure who takes the form of the devil narrated by John Milton (Paradise Lost).

Laveyan Satanism counts followers atheists, hedonists and materialists. Almost an antithesis to Christianity, the satanic sins are: stupidity, self-deception, herd conformity, lack of perspective, self-defeating vanity, and lack of aesthetics. These are conditions that can be overcome through the pursuit of knowledge.

Indulgence (not to be confused with compulsion, abuse, vice) takes the place of abstinence. The first step in embracing the doctrine would be to become aware of both one’s own virtues and one’s baseness – realizing that one is an animal by the way”of their intellectual development, they have become the most vicious animals of all .” (Anton LaVey)

All animals except humans know that the main purpose of life is to enjoy it.
(Samuel Butler)


Laveyan Satanism proposes “kindness to the deserving, instead of love wasted on the ungrateful.” Hence a clear dig at the Gospel according to Matthew: “If a man strikes you on the cheek, you break the other.” In order to avoid the free interpretations offered by the sacred scriptures, Satanists wish for transparency and know no half measures.

Love is one of man’s most intense emotions; another is hate.” (LaVey) So loving everyone is utopian; trying to do it would mean “lose one’s natural powers of selection and end up being a poor judge of character and quality.”

It is a fact: psychosomatic illnesses (consequences of frustration and repression) cause more deaths than communism. By releasing hatred against those who deserve it, it would be avoided “to download (hate repressed) on loved ones.” It is the classic example of the employee who, unable to take it out on his boss, returns home and takes it out on his wife.

Those who are capable of recognizing this are more inclined”to the purest and most honest love.” Loving everyone would mean “dull the feelings we have for those who deserve our concern.”

Free sex

Laveyan Satanism “it does not encourage orgies or extramarital affairs” because for someone “it would be unnatural or harmful to be unfaithful to one’s life partners,” while for others “it would be frustrating to limit yourself sexually to just one person.” To each his own, in other words; men should feel free to choose the sexual activity that suits them best.

The doctrine pardons both heterosexuality and homosexuality, but above all fetishism, “provided such activities do not involve dissenters.” So Satanists repudiate rape, pedophilia and zoophilia, preaching sexual freedom in full respect for others.

Philosophy or religion?

Anton LaVey said he was inspired by the ideas of Nietzsche (The Antichrist; beyond Good and Evil) and of Machiavelli (Prince), as well as the lives of Cagliostro and of Rasputin. Personally I would also add the Marquis de Sade.

Laveyan Satanism could have been baptized as humanism, were it not for the presence of religious ceremonial. LaVey conjoined psychology and religion by the simple fact that men need both their intellect and the imagination provided by faith. Children, in this sense, constitute the best model of life, given their enthusiasm and creativity.

Black masses are nothing more than a parody of all ancient religious rituals, where the power of the will and imagination take the place of prayer, with the understanding that such acts are nothing more than “the discharge of adrenaline and other energies,” which then lead to action and the fulfillment of one’s desires.

These energies include orgasm, anger and terror, for example. It is no coincidence that they say: will is power. It is for this reason that Laveyan Satanism encourages positive thinking.

The moment one commits oneself deeply, even providence moves. […]
Audacity has genius, power, magic in it.

The religion most consistent with the nature of the beast

Given all the wild discrepancy in how to worship God, how many different interpretations can there be about God – and who is right?

On the other hand, “when a nation learns a new form of government, the heroes of the past become the villains of the present.”

While times have changed and will continue to change, humans remain fundamentally the same. So why not advocate a religion based on indulgence? It would certainly be more consistent with the nature of the beast.

Only the Church of Satan will save us from populist and neo-bigot obscurantism” reads the rock periodical Rolling Stone. Sometimes risky in its principles, if not dated or obvious for others, deepening such a doctrine would still be a step to overcome neurosis, existentialism and “the suffocating rules of a sick society,” or rather confused.

Laveyan Satanism denies “the image of the pale and thin Christ on the cross” because he prefers to celebrate life.

Life is the one great indulgence, and death is the one great abstinence.
For a person satisfied with his earthly existence, life is like a party; and nobody likes to leave a good party.

Giordano Pulvirenti

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LaVeyan Satanism, doctrine of hedonism and libertinism