Legislative 2022: Elisabeth Borne, “weakened” by the results, can she stay at Matignon?

What will be the fate of Elisabeth Borne? The question agitates the macronie the day after a historic rout suffered by the presidential camp at the end of the second round of the legislative elections, Sunday, June 19. It is customary that at the end of this election, the Prime Minister submits the resignation of his government, without this tradition being enshrined in the Constitution. The two heads of the executive exchanged in particular on this subject, Monday, June 13, during a lunch.

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Even if Elisabeth Borne presents her resignation, it is not certain that she will be renewed at Matignon. The pressure is strong on the shoulders of the Prime Minister who, as leader of the majority, must assume the disastrous results of her camp. “We will work tomorrow to build a majority of action” because “there is no alternative”, assured Elisabeth Borne, Sunday evening, with a serious face from Matignon. His entourage also defends the determination of the Prime Minister to govern the country.

“She has a mandate from the president to work for a majority of action. We must rally around the president’s project so as not to block the country.”

The entourage of Elisabeth Borne

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From 8 p.m. Sunday evening, the opposition nevertheless claimed his head. guest of BFM TVMEP and member of La France insoumise Manuel Bompard felt that Elisabeth Borne “should go”believing that she “has failed to convince a majority of deputies in the National Assembly. It therefore does not have the political legitimacy to govern.” Same story on the side of Louis Aliot, the vice-president of the RN. “She is too weak to be able to stay”he judged on France Inter.

On the side of the majority, officially, “the subject is not there”said the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau, on franceinfo Monday morning. Ditto for government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire, who told France Inter: “As I speak, the question has not arisen. We’ll see in the next few hours.” Others, however, are more affirmative, while leaving the door open. “She is legitimate to stay, and she is able to find majorities on texts, you have to see her put to the test of Parliament”, argues François Patriat, the leader of LREM senators.

“The decision belongs to the President of the Republic alone, it is his choice and I will support him.”

François Patriat, leader of LREM senators

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More generally, the macronie does not rush to the gate to support the tenant of Matignon. “Anyway, there is a government to redo. The rest does not depend on me”still evacuates an influential member of the majority.

It must be said that the beginnings of Elisabeth Borne at the head of the government are winded. The involvement of the former RATP boss in the campaign was disappointing. “We lack a referent and Borne does not have this ambition”, Before the first round was blowing out an outgoing deputy. Between the two rounds, faced with the poor score of the majority, Elisabeth Borne hosts a videoconference with the candidates vying for the second round. A performance that had left some of them skeptical. “It was a disaster, she read her text without raising her head, there was no spontaneity, it looked like a prefect.” Behind the scenes, the macronists repeat this little phrase over and over again: in any case, the majority leader is Emmanuel Macron.

Nevertheless: the lack of leadership of Elisabeth Borne coupled with the result of Sunday evening makes the future of the Prime Minister very uncertain, according to CNRS researcher Bruno Cautrès.

“She comes out generally weakened, she has not really led the campaign and she is elected with a small score.”

Bruno Cautrès, political scientist

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For this first confrontation with the ballot boxes, the head of the government was elected with 52.46% in the 6th district of Calvados against the young and unknown militant of the Noé Gauchard Nut. A fairly low score that has not escaped anyone internally. “I hear it’s not a high score, but she was a symbol to be knocked down by LFI, like other ministers. She was elected a deputy”defends the entourage of Elisabeth Borne.

Not enough to justify his retention in office, according to a majority executive who pleads for “a change of government” after “this sanction vote which must be taken into account.” “You have to have a political government, it’s an extreme sport to find a majority”, he justifies again. A real challenge because the macronie lacks political figures and many tenors – Richard Ferrand and Christophe Castaner in the lead – were beaten on Sunday evening.

And who could replace Elisabeth Borne, who has been in office for just five weeks? No name is required from the outset. The Head of State had taken more than three weeks to appoint his former Minister of Labor at Matignon. All of this makes a ministerial adviser say that he does not see “not the president unplug Elisabeth Borne too quickly, it’s not his character”. But does he qualify immediately, “it is sure that she will have to show political sense to maneuver in this Assembly.”

Legislative 2022: Elisabeth Borne, “weakened” by the results, can she stay at Matignon?