“Let him return to Africa”: Retailleau, Bellamy and several LRs reject the racist nature of the remarks of the deputy RN

While the majority of Republicans strongly condemned the remarks of deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas, deemed “racist”, the candidate for the presidency of the party Bruno Retailleau denounces an “enterprise of intimidation” carried out by the far left.

Dissonant voices are heard in the concert of criticisms that Les Républicains have been addressing for three days to the deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas. He exclaimed, “Let him return toAfrica» during the intervention of LFI deputy Carlos Martens Bilongo, in black, about the Ocean Viking ship which comes to the aid of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.

The right-wing deputies immediately condemned the attitude of their frontist colleague, denouncing here and there an intervention “racist“. The party’s acting president, Annie Genevard, supported LFI deputy Carlos Martens Bilongo in a tweet, “insulted, she writes, by a racist remark“. The Bureau of the National Assembly, where several elected Les Républicains sit, and the group presidents have moreover unanimously inflicted the maximum penalty to Grégoire de Fournas: censorship with exclusion of fifteen days from the Palais Bourbon and deprivation for two months of half of his parliamentary allowance.

Outside the walls of the Assembly, important voices of the right-wing party have however refuted the racist nature of the intervention of the deputy RN. “If we say that illegal migrants must return to where they left, it is not racist“, affirmed Saturday morning on France 2 François-Xavier Bellamy, former head of the party list in the European elections of 2019, who however recognized a sentence”unhappy“. According to the MEP,if we no longer have the right to say that, it is in fact that we no longer have the right to adopt a migration policy.»

The support of Bruno Retailleau for the presidency of the party takes up a reflection shared the day before by Senator LR. “Nobody can consider as racist the fact of demanding the return of illegal immigrants. Because if this is the case, the very idea of ​​executing the OQTFs is racist: no more expulsions are possiblewrites Bruno Retailleau on his blog. The senator denounces a “bullying businessfrom the far left. Unsurprisingly, this skepticism is shared by the senator of Bouches-du-Rhône Stéphane Le Rudier, spokesperson for Bruno Retailleau.

In the camp of Éric Ciotti also, personalities have questioned the racist nature of the reflection of the deputy RN. Like Nadine Morano, who blames the controversy on Carlos Martens Bilongo himself, guilty of having “exploited his skin color, his origins by setting up a kind of turbine on racism“. Eric Ciotti, also a candidate for the head of the party, for his part split a tweet in which he “strongly condemns remarks of extreme gravity“, without qualifying them as”racists“.

For his part, the third candidate for the presidency of the party, the Lotois deputy Aurélien Pradié, assured the left-wing deputy of his “full support“. “The tie is no longer enough to hide the political and human misery of an RN deputy“, he tweeted, in line with the majority of his colleagues and the leader of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, Olivier Marleix.

“Let him return to Africa”: Retailleau, Bellamy and several LRs reject the racist nature of the remarks of the deputy RN