Letter from Juan Guaidó where he does not abide by the dissolution of the interim is false


Caracas.- On the night of January 4, Juan Guaidó’s press team denied a statement that was circulating on social networks allegedly signed by the opposition leader. According to the false document, the decision to conclude the Interim Government is branded as a parody of “living room coup”.

According to the text, Juan Guaidó does not abide by the measure taken on December 30. “The National Assembly cannot, without constitutional or legal attribution, put an end to the Interim Government (…) The action of these deputies is nothing other than a parody of a coup d’état in a living room (…) The objective of this action, it is totally unconstitutional“, the letter states.

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In addition, this document, which did not bear the signature of Juan Guaidó, was intended to clarify that there is no constitutional or legal norm that distinguishes between the powers and obligations of an elected president and those of a president in charge, as well as any provision that allows the deputies of the National Assembly 2015 invade the sphere of competences and obligations of the president in charge and even less any provision that submits the President of the Republic in Charge to the guardianship of said Assembly or its deputies.

After denying these words, his team issued a statement clarifying that any official decree will only be disseminated through official communication channels. “Let’s avoid spreading false news,” says the clarification.

The end of the interim

On the afternoon of Friday, December 30, the session of the The National Assembly elected in 2015 terminated the Interim Government of Juan Guaidó, after a vote where the Reform on the Transition Statute Law was supported. This proposal was raised by the political parties Democratic Action, First Justice, A New Time and Movement for Venezuela.

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After the deputy elected in 2015 Freddie Guevara requested the nominal vote for the decision on the fate of the Interim Government were registered 72 votes in favor of the Statute Reform, 29 against and 8 abstentions.

In this sense, it is expected that at 10:00 am on January 5, the session of the National Assembly elected in 2015 for a new leadership and the presidency will begin.

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Letter from Juan Guaidó where he does not abide by the dissolution of the interim is false