Liberal doctors called to demonstrate in Paris this Thursday

The Minister of Health François Braun said he was ready this Thursday morning to increase the price of the consultation, “as soon as the health needs of the French are met”, insisting on the “give-and-take” nature of this proposal.

The white coats take to the streets. This Thursday, the collectiveDoctors for tomorrowcalls on liberals to demonstrate in Paris. Objective: to put pressure on the executive to improve their working conditions and to extract, in particular, an increase in the price of the consultation. What generate, according to the personnel mobilized, a “attraction shockfor the profession.

At the end of December, this collective had already called for a first week of “closing of offices“, alongside several other organizations such as the SML (Union of liberal doctors) and the FMF (Federation of doctors of France). “Doctors for tomorrow“was then able to defend his proposals for the profession in front of the Minister of Health, but his representative had noted that”the revaluation of fees with a consultation at 50 eurosdid not win the support of the government.

Braun “ready to increase consultation”

Without a response from the ministry since then, the collective is therefore calling for a new mobilization in two stages: first, a “second week of strike by liberal doctors», started Monday January 2, and which runs until Sunday January 8. Then, a demonstration, this Thursday, January 5. Scheduled for 1 p.m. Place du Panthéon, the gathering must then head to the Ministry of Health, avenue de Ségur. A meeting with the minister is then planned, according to the founder of the collective, Christelle Audigier, quoted by AFP.

Guest on France 2 this Thursday morning, François Braun opened the door to an increase in the price of the consultation, but not up to 50 euros. “I am ready to increase the consultation as soon as the health needs of the French are met“said the Minister of Health. “Alright, we are increasing consultations, but I want the 650,000 French people with chronic illness to have an attending physician, I want us to be able to have a doctor at night, on weekends, I want us to be able to have access to a doctor if needed. It’s rights and duties, it’s give and take“, he explained.

Since its emergence, several voices have been raised to condemn this social movement. The head of Medicare, Thomas Fatôme, thus judged this mobilization “incomprehensible in the period of epidemics that we know“. At the beginning of January, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, also considered “incomprehensible in the period of epidemics that we knowto go on strike, while recognizing thedifficultiesof the profession. The effects of these calls for mobilization on the supply of care will be closely scrutinized: according to Health Insurance, the first episode of the strike, at the end of December, led to a drop in the activity of general practitioners of the order of 10%. Questioned this Thursday, January 5 by a listener at the microphone of RMC, Noëlle Cariclet, spokesperson for the group Doctors for tomorrow, justified these closures explaining that “I’ve been doing strikes with an armband for 20 years without success“.

The movement does not intend to stop there.if we do not have concrete measures or if we are not reassured“, she warned. If so, “obviously we will continue this movement next week, with different measures but with an activity limit and measures that will go crescendo“.

Liberal doctors called to demonstrate in Paris this Thursday