Ligue 2, Gérard Lopez, stadium, Pierre Hurmic speaks

The mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic reacted on Gold FM radio to the subject of the upcoming relegation of the Girondins de Bordeaux to Ligue 2. He addresses the question of the club, its structures, its sporting ambition, Gérard Lopez and the stadium.

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“I live it with sadness”

Pierre Hurmic on Gold FM : “I see it with sadness, the Girondins club is an old story of companionship with the city of Bordeaux, it’s part of our history, it’s part of the Bordeaux soul. So, I’m sad to see the poor results that have been lining up for a few weeks now.

Personally, I went to watch a few matches, I even went to see the players in the locker room. I told them, listen, you have an important responsibility, a heavy responsibility, you are encouraged by a whole city, a lot is expected of you.

On the other hand, I am not a big specialist in sport and football. Despite everything, I tried in my own way to motivate them to tell them that this end of the season is particularly important for the image of the club, for the image of the city and therefore we are counting on you. For the moment, I will not hide from you that I am rather disappointed with the poor results that line up.”

“I trusted Gérard Lopez when he arrived”

“There are 2 areas that I do not control in the sporting field, they are the players and the management of the club, all of this is in the hands of specialists. For my part, I tend to trust them, as I trusted Gérard Lopez when he arrived. From now on, it’s up to them to find a solution so that if we have to fall into the 2nd division, we don’t stay there too long.

Then, that he gives himself the means, perhaps to recruit other players and to ensure that we are a slightly more efficient team than the one we currently have.

He pursues : “The evil is deep, but I also think that in the life of a club there are ups and downs. I believe that the Girondins had very glorious hours. On the other hand, they have already experienced less glorious hours, they have already descended into the 2nd division after They were able to come back up. So, you have to accept a certain moment of falling to get up better, it is perhaps part of the necessary history of this club. Now I really want us to get up very quickly.”

What future for the Matmut Atlantique?

“We are not there yet. But, if the club no longer pays the rent, someone else will have to pay it. This proves once again the completely bewildering nature of this decision of the big stadium. We had a stadium which was very good (Chaban-Delmas), 33,000 seats, we had no need to build this large stadium of 42,000 seats so the specialists knew from the start that it would be a fiasco.

First of all, even for the players, it’s not very pleasant to play in a 42,000 seat stadium with an average of 20,000 spectators. Indeed, it is a tool that is oversized and above all very expensive, but it is also expensive for the club, which pays dearly for the rental.

Obviously, this is a very bad deal for everyone and especially for the taxpayer who already has to pay for useless and oversized equipment for 30 years. I really regret once again that we got into this and I don’t lose sight of the fact that in the long term, what we have to aim for is to sell this stadium. There is no reason for us to retain ownership of this equipment.

I think we will be able to sell it. In any case, I will continue to do everything to find a partner who protects Bordeaux taxpayers from financing this too heavy investment.”

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Ligue 2, Gérard Lopez, stadium, Pierre Hurmic speaks