Love is in the meadow: a suitor has finally found love!

On Instagram, a contender for Love is in the meadow announced that she had finally found love. She seems very happy!

This year again, fans of Love is in the meadow have discovered a new season. And the least we can say is that it was rich in twists and turns. For her part, a suitor confessed

A contender from Love is in the meadow has found love

During season 17 of Love is in the meadow, fans also met Alexandre. The latter asked Laura and Annaïg to join him at home. But as the days went by, he got for a contender.

Alexandre and Annaïg fell in love with each other. The candidate of Love is in the meadow has moreover he had for his suitor.

For her part, Laura watched helplessly as the bond quickly formed between the farmer and his suitor. After only two days, a horseback riding ended very badly.

Indeed, Laura could not hide her emotion in the face of this moment spent with Alexandre. Far from being accustomed to this sensitivity, the latter had been very cold with the young woman. Suddenly, the latter had then announced his departure.

She had also confided that she felt out of place. And she could not imagine making her life with a person who judged her emotions. For his part, the candidate of Love is in the meadow had spoke on this subject.

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, he said: “Laura didn’t suit me because she’s hypersensitive. That doesn’t stop me from respecting her. (…) She had her chance like everyone else and the fact that it didn’t work out is part of life..

“He fills my heart with happiness every day”

Still in a relationship with Annaïg, Alexandre de L’amour est dans le pré looks very happy. This is also the case for Laura. On her Instagram account, the latter announced that she found love again.

The love is in the meadow contender wrote: “The show is finally over… It’s time for me to close this chapter of my life. It was a unique adventure, rich in emotions”.

“And which allowed me to learn a lot about myself, my character, my personality, my limits, my evolution. I am happy for Alexandre and Annaïg, may they be happy! ».

Laura from Love is in the meadow then revealed: “I thank all my family and my friends for their support, their kindness. I also thank all the people who have been able to warm my heart with beautiful words about me ».

Before announcing also: “I would like to thank my little darling I met recently for all that he brings me on a daily basis, his attentions, his gentleness, his kindness, his joie de vivre”.

Laura (Love is in the meadow) also confessed: “He fills every day my happy heart, tenderness and love. Never forget to be yourself”.

“And to live each moment intensely without worrying about what others may think, live your life to the fullest and with daily “I love””.

Love is in the meadow: a suitor has finally found love!