Love is in the meadow: Léa swings on her breakup with Sébastien!

In Story of her Instagram account, Léa spoke about her separation from the farmer of Love is in the meadow, Sébastien!

Since last August, M6 has been broadcasting the new season of Love is in the meadow. The opportunity for fans of the program to make the . They also followed Sébastien’s adventure with Léa.

The rapprochement of Léa and Sébastien in love is in the meadow

For several weeks now, fans of Love is in the meadow have been following the adventure of new candidates. And the least we can say is that this season is also marked by

Love at first sight, clash, rapprochement, Love is in the meadow 17 has unveiled its share of adventures. For his part, Sébastien had a very complicated start to the adventure. And it’s for a good reason.

His two suitors failed to get along. Attracted by Perrine, the breeder finally decided to get closer to Léa. The sensitivity of the latter has did not fail to touch it.

It was during a chaotic evening that the two got so close. Indeed, the tone has also risen between Sébastien and Perrine. And for good reason, the latter did not at all appreciate that the breeder spent long minutes talking with Léa.

She found herself alone in the restaurant and did not like this humiliation at all. After this story, the candidate of Love is in the meadow told him asked to pack up.

After Perrine’s departure, Léa was therefore able to get closer to Sébastien. The two even exchanged a kiss in the M6 ​​program. A rapprochement which also took place under the eyes of the cameras of M6.

“To each his version of history and his conscience”

This Monday, November 7, M6 broadcast part of the results of Love is in the meadow. Sébastien arrived alone, without Léa. ” I decided to do not go to Alsaceexplained the young man.

The candidate of Love is in the meadow confided to Karine Le Marchand: “I called her. And I told him: ‘I’m not going to come to Alsace. It’s not going to do it. I do not have not that feeling who is going to tell me that we are going to go further? ».

Before confessing: “I tried to be as honest as possible”. A decision that did not surprise fans of Love is in the meadow at all. But that’s not all. Sebastian did

He explained that he had been in a relationship since several months with Charlène. She lives an hour away from him. For her part, Léa also spoke about this separation.

She also spoke of her “great relief to finally be free of all that”. And for good reason, she admitted to having had “the ball in the stomach” every Monday. Léa (Love is in the meadow) is now happy with this “final point”.

” It was a real adventure for meget out of my comfort zone, put aside my modesty, manage my sensitivity, my character, speed-dating, the week on the farm, interviews, cameras, editing, networks, I’m going on ».

The candidate of Love is in the meadow also indicated: “And to finish, this assessment that I was waiting for so much… To each his version of the story and his conscience, now that everyone lives the life he deserves! As far as I’m concerned, I’m at peace.”.

Love is in the meadow: Léa swings on her breakup with Sébastien!