Lucas Chevalier’s father talks about his son’s journey

From trained player to real star, there is only one step for Lucas Chevalier, now holder in the cages of LOSC. An ascent on which came back The Team by noting the confidences of his father, Freddy Chevalier.

Initially a field player, Lucas Chevalier was far from destined to assume the stature of the ultimate bulwark. A twist of fate that will have seen him defend the cages of his brother’s team. Against all odds, the very young doorman fought but could only see the damage. Goal after goal, he nevertheless showed an incomparable strength of character that his father, Freddy, evokes with nostalgia: ” The coach was looking for a goalkeeper in the team of his brother Rémi (two years older), to whom he is very close. They played against AS Marck, a much stronger team. He took 10, I was like, ‘That’s it.’ And then no, he persevered. It’s his character.” An unexpected first that will have been a source of inspiration to him since he then continued on this path.

Under the colors of Coquelles, a small village in Pas-de-Calais near where he grew up, Lucas Chevalier has distinguished himself over the years. If his trainers already praised his qualities at a young age, he was quickly spotted by larger teams. Enlisted by AS Marck, he then aroused the interest of RC Lens, where his brother left. A path that was obviously not traced by him: ” But I refused (the RC Lens offer, editor’s note) because he was too young (11 years old). Anyway, Lucas, from a very young age, has been a Lille supporter. We are a more Lensoise family but he has always been LOSC. If you ask him his favorite player of all time, it’s (Michel) Bastos,” confessed his father.

From simple trained player to titular goalkeeper in Lille, the path has been long and tough for Lucas Chevalier who has hardened his skills in Ligue 2, during the 2021-22 season, for his first steps as a professional under the colors of Valenciennes. There, the Lille goalkeeper was particularly involved in the Valenciennes project, more than any other player on loan. Barely 20 years old, the Northerner is much more than just a goalkeeper. With a strong voice and a strong character, he did not hesitate to impose himself in the VAFC locker room: ” The VA president had told me that one day he was the only one to speak in the locker room to shake everyone up. He is outspoken, someone who likes to say things. Sometimes he was quite cash, able to say: ‘We weren’t good, neither were the supporters.’ »

Established for the very first time against Olympique de Marseille, Lucas Chevalier has overcome obstacles. The years have passed and the Lille resident now seems ready to take on the role of number 1. For his premiere, he made a strong impression and this to the delight of the supporters who had been calling for him for long weeks. His father, Freddy Chevalier, also admitted that they sometimes did too much, mentioning in particular the banner installed in front of Luchin before the match in Montpellier, on September 4: “ Lucas was sometimes a little embarrassed, it was too much”. A necessary detail to note so that the young 20-year-old Lille goalkeeper can continue his progress in a healthy and benevolent climate.

Lucas Chevalier’s father talks about his son’s journey