Magaly Medina launches a preview of the sketches by Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides in ‘El especial’

Peruvian comedians Jorge Benavides and Carlos Alvarez They keep the audience waiting for those who will present in their sketch this Saturday, September 10. The duo will be seen on cameras after more than ten years of being apart.

The program of ‘Magaly Tv La Firme’ In its latest edition, it broadcast some previews of what will be seen on the ATV screen. The artists will interpret the popular and remembered characters that they created in their old program “El Especial del Humor” de Latina.

As seen in the report of the program of Magaly Medinawill be: ‘Eliane Karpa’, ‘Jeta Jeta Uribe’, characters he brings to life George Benavidez.

For its part, Carlos Alvarez will play ‘Chamo del Solar’ again. In addition, he will present again his imitation of the first lady Lilia Paredes and ‘Antauro Fumala’.

The surprise that will surely catch Peruvian viewers is also the return of “The old pitucas of la Molina” and his fights with Ate’s neighbors.

On the other hand, the cast of the program that will be called “El especial” will be made up of faces that belong to the personal projects of Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides; In this sense, the presence of Lelo Costa, Gabriela Serpa, Walter ‘Cachito’ Ramirezamong others.

Carlos Vílchez and Carlos Álvarez would not work together due to their differences.

One of the questions circulating on social networks is whether the comedian Carlos Vílchez would be in the sketches of “El especial”, however, in the advances given in the program of ‘Magaly Tv La Firme’ the member of JB does not appear in ATV .

It should be remembered that, a few years ago, Vílchez had stated that he would resign from working with George Benavidez, if you return to work with Carlos Alvarez: I’m leaving”, stated in an interview with Radio Capital. This was the reason remembered by network users for asking about the comedian.

Nevertheless, Carlos Vílchez will be in JB on ATV, as shown by the Instagram account of the program where the comedian is seen appearing in the segment with Marcianito del Chino Risas.

When and where to see The Special?

The most remembered comedy duo of the national audience will come together in a new space called “El especial” that will be broadcast by the ATV antenna. The comedy program will be broadcast on Saturdays at 10:40 p.m.

'La Gran Estrella' led the first place in its fifth gala. | GV Productions.
‘La Gran Estrella’ led the first place in its fifth gala. | GV Productions.

The presenter of the program ‘Magaly Tv La Firme’ sent a warning to Gisela Valcárcel who hosts “La Gran Estrella” after confirming the return of Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides to national television.

“What Gisela feared, happened. This Saturday the competition will be tough, because Carlos Alvarez Y Jorge Benavidez they joined. What seemed impossible happened, ”warned the popular ‘Urraca’ in a previous edition of her program.

“They have already started recording what will be a special, they are two greats of comedy. They have already recorded ‘Las pitucas’, which is a classic of theirs, and they have made a parody of Antauro (Humala)”, he added.

After the announcement of the return of the humorous duo, viewers and netizens believed that the program “La Gran Estrella” would come to an end this Saturday. However, the production of América Televisión has ruled out the fact and therefore “The competition continues.”


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Magaly Medina launches a preview of the sketches by Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides in ‘El especial’