Magaly Medina makes fun of parodies made of Deyvis Orosco and shares them on her social networks

Magaly Medina makes fun of Deyvis Orosco and shares parodies of him. tiktok

Magaly Medina scoffs at Deyvis Orosco sharing on his Instagram account, videos that parody the Peruvian singer. The driver of ‘Magaly TV: The firm’ True to form, he not only makes fun of the ‘Cumbia sweetie’ in its program but also through its virtual platforms.

And it is that the enmity that he has against Jessica Newton, Cassandra Sanchez De Lamadrid and Orosco is very marked. Magaly Medina used his social networks to share the parody that the humorist Alfred Benavides He has played the cumbiambero, whom he also invited to his television set, on the night of November 8.

In the short video you can see Alfredo playing his role as ‘Daivis Gordosco’. She dances in a robe and with sandals the famous theme of the group Néctar, ‘little tree. The “magpie” added an expression of laughter to his publication, showing that he is very thankful that they exaggerate the singer’s features.

But, he also posted a TikTok video of the singer. Jean Paul Santa Maria that he himself has created regarding what a massage with a ‘happy ending’ would mean. His video already has more than 22 thousand reproductions and has been from the users of this social network.

The ATV driver added a short message to her Instagram story: “Good”and tagged Romina Gachoy’s partner.

Magaly Medina makes fun of Deyvis Orosco by sharing parodies of him on her social networks. TikTok.

the enmity you have Magaly Medina against Cassandra Sanchez De Lamadrid Y Deyvis Orosco was born when the ‘Magpie’ resented for having been ignored and not giving her the exclusive rights to the birth of the grandson of Jessica Newton. In addition to leaving her without the title of godmother of her little one of her.

After that, a war was born between them, especially on the part of the communicator who accused the couple of abandoning their puppies in a shelter with a bad reputation in Lurín.

But after several months, the ATV driver issued some images, where the cumbia singer is seen leaving, after 11 hours, in the wee hours of the morning from a sauna that has a bad reputation.

The next day, Cassandra shared a video with her very smiling future husband and left a message that was taken as a hint by the redhead. “Never forget that you reap what you sow, continue to be light but above all happy”the text of the Instagram story is read.

And of course, Medina responded by warning him and assuring that the cumbia singer is not respecting their commitment.

“There’s nothing wrong with the images, the point is, what you do in a sauna for 11 hours and that has a ‘certain reputation’. I think that, sometimes, it is not a matter of being, but of looking like it, ”the driver began, and then read the text published by Cassandra.

I don’t know who you say that to, but your message can go to your partner. In the giggles, I don’t think so. They must be from the mouth out. Even if the man has not done anything in the sauna, he went to a sauna for 11 hours where there are massages with “happy endings” and that all of Peru knows. Do not laugh so much Cassandra, because he is not respecting the commitment, “he added.

Magaly Medina to Cassandra Sánchez de Lamadrid for supporting Deyvis Orosco: “Don’t laugh so much because he doesn’t respect you.” (ATVs)

Jessica Newton, Cassandra’s mother was not silent and answered loud and clear against Magali Medina. The cameras ofLove and Fire’ went in search of the organizer of Miss Peru to know her opinion about the images of Deyvis Orosco leaving a sauna in San Isidro late at night last November 7th. The businesswoman began by assuring that she is not interested in what may happen to her daughter’s future husband.

But at another time, Newton recounted the advice he came to give to Magaly Medina when he was going through problems in his marriage. And not only that, she advised Magaly Medina’s investigation team to better follow Alfred Zambrano.

“As I told her (Magaly) when she had problems in her personal relationship, relationships are for two, not three or four. I don’t think it’s up to me or anyone else to have an opinion. Over the years one learns not to waste time on things that are not important. Enough already! live talking, gossiping, saying … “, she added.

“They would have more fun if they follow Alfredo Zambrano”he said with a smile on his face and patting the reporter on the shoulder before leaving.

Jessica Newton shoots Magaly Medina: “They would have more fun if they followed Alfredo Zambrano.” (WillaxTV)


Magaly Medina makes fun of parodies made of Deyvis Orosco and shares them on her social networks