Two months before the referendum elections of March 19, 2023, the Katiba jihadists of Macina affiliated with the Support Group for Islam and Muslims publish a video in which they reaffirm their support for the initiative of certain Ulemas of Bamako to ” combat secularism” in the new Constitution.

The video certified by accredited sites lasts eight minutes forty-three seconds. We see there, Mahmoud Barry alias Abou Yahya, neatly dressed and seated in front of a computer speaking Arabic. This djhadist who looks like a drop of water to Amadou Kouffa calls on the ulemas of Bamako to fight secularism and to take advantage of the development of the new Constitution to transform Mali into an Islamic state. This terrorist movement affiliated with the Support Group for Islam and Muslims does not hide its support for the initiative of certain Muslim associations to adopt a new non-secular Constitution.

The jihadist group also encourages the ulema to frankly join the mujahideen and to emancipate themselves from human legislation in favor of the application of Koranic law “Sharia”. Mahmoud Bari reiterates in this video that the only Constitution for Muslims is the Koran which, according to him, knows no rereading, no revision and no change. ” Secularism, democracy and the practice of ancestral cults only aim to fight Islam “, incites the spokesperson of the Katiba of Macina who also denounces the current educational system and the TV programs as being means of perversion. Abou Yahya is a right arm of jihadist leader Amadou Koufa who leads the Islamist insurgency in central Mali. He was once arrested by Malian forces and then released in October 2020 with 200 prisoners exchanged for the release of hostages including Soumaila Cissé.

Sermons against secularism

Today, he is taking advantage of the protests against certain provisions of the draft of the new Constitution to call on certain Sunni-leaning Islamic associations to join the fight against terrorists. Since the publication of the new draft Constitution, the outcry to demand a non-secular Constitution has not weakened. Meetings and press conferences are organized by the followers. Some mosques multiply in Friday sermons against the maintenance of the secular character of the Republic. They justify their motivation by the percentage of Muslims in Mali. More than 90% of Malians are of the Muslim faith.

In the preamble of the preliminary draft of the new constitution, it is said that : The sovereign people of Mali,… reaffirms its attachment to the republican form and the secularism of the State”. And in its article 32, the text specifies“Secularism aims to promote and strengthen living together in society, based on tolerance, dialogue and mutual understanding. For the application of this principle, the State guarantees respect for all beliefs as well as freedom of conscience, religions and the free exercise of worship. ».

This text, which thus synthesizes Malian secularism, is demolished by the supporters of a new Constitution based on Islam. Neither the authorities, nor the Christian minority, supporters of ancestral cults and Muslims in favor of maintaining the secular character of the Republic have expressed themselves on the subject.


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