This is the novelty of the new school year: the arrival of two brilliant officers to shine the national gendarmerie. A will of the general manager who is well aware of all the requirements that the function of spokesperson takes on. “This makes it possible to increase the number of words to communicate both externally and internally. This also reveals all the diversity of profiles offered by the Institution »explains Marie-Laure. “It’s true that we have two very different personalities and backgrounds that complement each other well. We will thus be able to take turns, help each other, and provide a cross-section of views on the different subjects.adds Nassima.

Complementary experiences

These two women with heterogeneous profiles but with a common objective knew how to cut their teeth and gradually familiarize themselves with the field of communication in order to calmly approach their new functions.

Attracted by the subject from her law studies through a communication option, Marie-Laure is keen, once she enters the gendarmerie, to make the action of her staff better known. Having commanded the Grimaud brigade (83) and the Saint-Omer company (62), two busy units, she was regularly called upon for reports and trained through media training courses. “It really sparked my interest in the material. » An attraction that she was able to confirm between the two by occupying the position of communication officer within the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. “I was able to highlight the diversity of professions in the gendarmerie, stay in contact with the field, while meeting the expectations of the media and also working on internal communication.”

Winner of the War School, she trained at the National School of Administration in Strasbourg (ENA), before being made available to the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), where she approached a more strategic aspect of communication. “It was a question in particular of welcoming the expectations of elected officials and knowing how to respond to them while explaining the meaning of our action.”

For her part, Nassima began her career as a gendarmerie officer with, above all, a pronounced taste for the judicial police. After commanding the Observation and Surveillance Group (GOS) in Bordeaux, she joined the intelligence branch, followed by a position as an analyst at the Gendarmerie’s Operational Anticipation Sub-Directorate (SDAO), then a transition to the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI). “It may seem paradoxical since it’s a job behind the scenes where we cultivate more secrecy and discretion. But in reality I learned to manage information, to understand where the red line was to bring up a sensitive subject and to know how to act in a stressful situation. So many essential qualities in the field of communication that she really discovered afterwards, during her time as a commanding officer in the Arles company.

“By responding to the interest of the various media, I understood that this was essential to maintain the bond of trust with the population, to show pedagogy and accountability, and I really became passionate about this area. »

A common will

Rich in their respective experiences, the profiles of the two women led them to be selected to become spokespersons. A demanding position that has many challenges. “It is a question of mastering viral subjects and knowing how to anticipate the crisis while continuing to value the work of the 130,000 gendarmes”describes Marie-Laure. “This is why we are attached to both the office of the general manager, to understand the strategic vision of our leaders, and to SIRPA, in order to have all the tools necessary to communicate”, explains Nassima.

They can also rely on the experience of those who preceded them in this task. “We received a message of encouragement from Colonel Karine Lejeune and we spoke at length with Colonel Maddy Scheurer who gave us a lot of advice. We were also able to discuss with the ministry’s spokesperson, Camille Chaize, who wishes to organize regular meetings with our counterparts from other departments.”appreciates Nassima.

As communication remains a changing field, the new spokespersons also want to develop the function. “Innovate by imagining new formats to make each of the 350 professions that make up the gendarmerie even better known”, adds Marie-Laure, “We will also accompany the general manager on all his trips to capture the words of our gendarmes and not be cut off from the reality on the ground.”

Honored to represent their comrades, there is no doubt that the two officers will concentrate their efforts to promote the Institution and position it at the heart of the strategic issues to come.

Marie-Laure Pezant and Nassima Djebli: two faces to carry the voice of 130,000 gendarmes